Winter's Night of Pairings Review

A Winter’s Night of Pairings Review

A Taste of DinDin Party is our opportunity to showcase DinDin Party Hosts and Chefs. And give guests a DinDin Party experience they won’t soon forget. Our second Taste of Dindin Party named  A Winter’s Night of Pairings, did just that with a magical night of food, wine, music, and acrobatics.

Chefs Ashley, Connor and Kess - DinDin Party
Chefs Ashley, Connor and Kess

We showcased Chefs Kess of KessKravings and Chefs Connor and Ashley of Sprig of Thyme Catering.  They are a pair of the hottest up-and-coming chefs in Dallas. They were each assigned to prepare an exquisite 3-course fine dining menu. 

We selected Soar Creative Studios, at the edge of the Design District, as the pop-up location for this event. The owner, Christine is also a physician, and a circus performer — yes you read that right. For, this Winter’s Night she was also our bartender. More to come on that story.

Christine has created a wonderfully artistic space at Creative Studios. Besides the dining area, there’s a recording studio, a dance studio and even a place for acrobats and other circus performers to practice. They decorate the walls throughout in bold photos from photographer Phil Crawshay.

A Winter’s Night of Pairings

The theme was all about Pairings. And not just pairing wine to the food, but pairing wine to the guests. Prior to the event, each guest completed a wine survey. Our sommelier, Alyssa Williams, then used their answers to create detailed personalized wine profiles for each guest. We presented their wine profile to each guest as part of their place setting. Their  “paired menu” then told them which table (Chef Kess or Chef Connor and Ashley) it assigned them to for each course of the three course meal. 

Guests arrived to a spread of wine glasses, each with a piece of fruit in it. We gave them the fruit that each showed on their wine survey was their favorite.  They then used the glass for their apéritif which was Prosecco (Italian white wine) poured by our aerial bartender Christine! 

A Pair of Tables, A Pair of Menus, A Pair of Chefs

Chef Kess’s of SavorKravings exquisite menu paired African flavors with Western Cuisine. Everyone loved her first course, including one guest who claimed to hating yams until now!  And we paired it with a glass of FalanghinaFeudidiSan Gregorio—a crisp Italian wine from a highly acclaimed winery in the Campania’s Irpina region, near Mount Vesuvius.

Chef’s Ashley and Connor’s treated guests at their table to an appetizer of Caramelized Squash Salad with Roasted Grapes Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts, Maple Dijon Vinaigrette. Paired with a glass of Martin Codax Albarino, a medium to light-bodied white wine from Spain. 

Chef Connor and Ashley’s Caramelized Squash Salad
Chef Kess's Yam Croquette
Chef Kess’s Yam Croquette











In between courses, our pair of aerialists performed an acrobatic dance. For their first performance, in between the appetizer and main course, they synchronized their aerial dance, dangled from two separately draped tightropes. While their second performance, after the main course, saw them paired together within a circle dangling from the high beams. It was a pair of magical acrobatic dances that brought out the oohs and ah’s of our guests, and of course, their cameras. 

Aerialist Bartending - DinDin Party

Aerialist Performance









For the main course, Chefs Connor and Ashley delivered a mouth-watering Hickory Smoked Beef Tenderloin with Root Vegetable Gratin, in a Shrimp Thyme Cream Sauce. Beautifully paired with a glass of Indomita‘Gran Reserva’ Pinot Noir from Chile. While Chef Kess wowed guests with an African flavored Smoked Brisket with JollofRice and Brussels sprout. Perfectly paired with a glass of Cabernet Savignon from the Neil Ellis winery in South Africa.

Plates of Smoked Brisket - DinDin Party Winter's Pairings
Plates of Chef Kess Smoked Brisket with Jollof Rice and Brussel Sprouts
Hickory Smoked Beef Tenderloin  Root Vegetable Gratin, Shrimp Thyme Cream Sauce
Chefs Connor and Ashley’s Hickory Smoked Beef Tenderloin
Root Vegetable Gratin, Shrimp Thyme Cream Sauce












For dessert, Chef Kess presented a Deconstructed Opera Cake with Cream Cheese Gelato. Wonderfully paired with a glass of Lions de SuduirautSauternes, a desert wine from France that was a crowd favorite. Chef’s Connor and Ashley served up a BrûléeOrange Cakewith Cranberry Shortbread Crumble and Spiced Pecans. Paired nicely with a glass of QuadyEssensiaOrange Muscat a California desert wine made from the extraordinary Orange Muscat grape.

Deconstructed Opera Cake
Chef Kess Deconstructed Opera Cake
Brûlée Orange Cake
Chefs Connor and Ashley Brûlée Orange Cake Cranberry Shortbread Crumble, Spiced Pecans












The wine poured freely. The conversations were lively. And guests had fun switching tables, which allowed them to meet and converse with most everyone else. From the pair of aerialists performers, to the pairings of two chefs with two menus, to the wine pairings of each course and each guest, A Winter’s Night of Pairings lived up to its name! 


Winter’s Night of Pairings Table toasting Chef Kess!
DinDin Party Guests Winters Night of Pairings
Some of the Guests at the Winter’s Night of Pairings