Taste of DinDin Party: A Winter's Night Of Pairings

A Winter’s Night of Pairings Preview

Taste of DinDin Party is a special event where the company is the host. At these events, we showcase amateur and professional chefs who are hosting DinDin Parties to give people an idea of what a DinDin Party experience is all about. 

Our first Taste of DinDin Party focused more on DinDin Party Hosts who are amateur chefs. For A Winter’s Night of Pairings, we’re showcasing two up and coming professional chefs, each of whom is creating a 3-course fine dining experience.

Meet Your Chefs for A Winter’s Night of Pairings

Chef Kess of Kess Kravings

Chef Kess is a professionally trained Pastry Chef and owner of  KessKravings. However, her passion for the culinary arts extends way beyond making incredible desserts.  Her cooking journey started in Africa at the side of her grandmother when she was just six years old and she’s been a professional chef since 2012. 

Chef Kess is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the culinary scene both here in Dallas and beyond. She’s launched KessKravings Bakery, KessKravings Spices, and SavorKravings her special dinner events and classes. Her specialty is Afro Fusion Cuisine —  a culinary bridge between African flavors and Western cuisine. Her mission is to transform African cuisine into a fine dining experience and show the world the continent’s rich flavors.

Chef Kess strives to surprise through her culinary creations. Her promise to you is delicious, inspired dishes that play tricks on your palate in the nicest possible way.

Chefs Connor and Ashley Sprig of Thyme CateringChefs Connor and Ashley of Sprig of Thyme Catering are becoming two of the most sought after millennial private chefs in Dallas. They are both classically French trained, and both also studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy for a summer after culinary school. They love fusing cuisines together in creative ways and specialize in private dinner parties throughout the DFW area. Recently they served a dinner party for one of the top multi-billionaires in the city! And now they will serve you at our special Winter’s Night of Pairings event. 

We’re also pairing these amazing chefs with a sommelier who will pair each of their three courses with a specific wine to bring out the flavors and complement the palate.

But for a Winter’s Night of Pairings, we’re taking pairings a step further.

The sommelier will also pair each course to each guest’s personal wine preferences. So at a Winter’s Night of Pairings, we will pair the food with the wine, and the wine paired with you! 

How can we do that?

Meet Your Sommelier for A Winter’s Night of Pairings

Alyssa Hannam, Sommelier

Meet Alyssa, a Sommelier from Aspen Colorado who is coming to Dallas for this special Taste of DinDin Party event.  Alyssa has created a special wine survey you will fill out online once you’ve booked your seat. (Note: tickets are $100 for a single seat, $85 ea. for a pair or more). Your answers to this short 7-question survey will determine your wine preferences. Which will then determine which course, from which of our two fabulous menus, they serve you!

And to make it even more special,  guests who book early will get a personalized Wine Profile from Alyssa at the event with more information on your wine preferences and suggestions for some wines to try.

It’s a magical Winter’s Night of Pairings filled with mystery, possibilities, a perfect blend of flavors and some surprises. Join us for this special event. Click the link to read the menus and to book your seat (s) for a Taste of DinDin Party: A Winter’s Night of Pairings.


DinDin Party brings hosts who love to entertain, chefs who love to cook, and guests who love to eat and socialize, together for special dinner parties in a host’s home or other pop-up locations. To register as a guest, CLICK HERE.

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