Vegan Made Simple DinDin Party

LuAnn and John were outstanding DinDin Party hosts for Vegan Made Simple in North Dallas. Most of the DinDin Party guests in attendance had tried or contemplated “going vegan,” but hadn’t yet made the leap to fully plant-based eating. After this DinDin Party, I think we can!

“Green decor” for Vegan Made Simple

The Vegan Made Simple Meal was Served Buffet Style and Featured:

  • A crisp mango slaw salad.
  • An extra sharp “cheddar cheese” ball (Optional: cranberries added)- Made with cashews and sundried tomatoes making it completely dairy-free!
  • Spinach artichoke pinwheel pastries.
  • Corn spoon bread: A take off on a popular mid-west dish, but made with applesauce instead of eggs and Tofutti cream cheese instead of milk and Diaya ‘cheddar cheese.’ This was a crowd favorite!
  • Vegan Made Simple MealVegan Panang Curry: We learned how to achieve perfect tofu at home. John shared with us his tips for making vegan panang curry tofu:  baking the tofu in the oven ahead of time with nutritional yeast on top to create a chicken-like texture. Then prepare your panang curry with the curry paste, coconut milk, and vegetables.
  • Vegan Cheesecake for dessert: Made with dates and walnuts for the crust, Tofutti sour cream (nondairy), cashews and lemon for filling.
Vegan Made Simple DinDin Party
Buffet of Vegan Made Simple
Dinner discussion at Vegan Made Simple

During dinner, LuAnn and John helped us learn more about going vegan: From the health benefits and environmental reasons to do so, and where to start in the Dallas area for resources. In fact, they provided us a resource guide to take home with health benefits to consider, vegan restaurant options in DFW, vegan products to try, documentaries to watch, and helpful websites to check out.

After dinner, our hosts had a fun surprise for us: A game of “Animal Cards” over a dessert of vegan cheesecake. We enjoyed lots of laughs during the game where we picked our “animal card” and shared what it meant for us and our future. It was a great way to get to know more about each other through everyone’s reactions and stories from the cards.

We left the evening full from a delicious meal (did not even consider that we hadn’t had a meat course), learned a lot about how to go vegan, and made some new like-minded friends. Kudos to LuAnn and John, DinDin Party hosts for the evening, and Carl and Suzanne for opening their home for the party!

Guests at the Vegan Made Simple DinDin Party