Safety + Trust = Community

The heart of DinDin Party is our community of Hosts and Guests who come together to break bread, laugh, talk, play and connect. To build a trusted community, Hosts need to feel safe welcoming new people into their home. Guests need to trust that Hosts are competent and capable. And, both Hosts and Guests need to trust that DinDin Party will keep their privacy and financial information safe.

We’ve put several processes in place to help foster building the kind of intimate and safe community we all can trust.

Home Office

  • Everyone creates a profile with picture and bio.
  • Facebook or Google log in options.
  • Hosts go through an extensive vetting process.
  • Hosts have the option to approve guests.

Ratings, Reviews & Badges

  • Hosts and Guests rate and review each other.
  • Hosts and Guests can earn badges around safety and other milestones.

Private Messaging

  • Host and Guests can privately message each other with questions.

Doing Your Part to Keep DinDin Party Events Safe

Keep all financial transactions and correspondence on the website. DinDin Party LLC cannot verify the validity of any action done outside our system. Furthermore, keeping money and correspondence within our system ensures you uphold our terms of service and helps keep everyone safe.

Ratings, Reviews & Badges

  • All information and transactions on-site are encrypted.
  • Off-site credit card processing via Stripe.
  • No credit card information stored on

Safety in Three or More

  • Minimum of two Guests from different addresses for a DinDin Party to occur.
  • No one Guest, one Host DinDin Party events are allowed.
three young people at dinner party