Top Summer Dinner Party Themes

Top Summer Dinner Party Themes

Whether you’re kicking off summer or bidding it farewell, the best way to have a relaxed time during warmer weather is by hosting a summer dinner party. And if you want to elevate your hosting skills, skip the traditional dinner party set up and level things up with a summer dinner party theme.

Theme dinner parties are festive and fun, combining fun with fashion and decorations with creative menu ideas. Here are some great ideas for your next summer dinner party:

Summer Dinner Party Theme #1: ‘Grease’ Summer Nights

When and where did Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko first meet and fall in love? It was the summer of 1958 while vacationing at the beach. However, your Summer Love dinner party isn’t just your typical 50’s themed party; it’s a 50’s pool party.

Splashback to the ‘50s with a poolside event with a cool retro spin. Think along the lines of poolside lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, and an outdoor bar. Bring out a vintage record player (even if it doesn’t work). Play some swingin’ 50s music to get everyone in the mood like “Rock Around the Clock,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Splish Splash,” and of course, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s “Summer Nights.”

While pool parties and barbecues are a perfect match, consider serving classic 50s diner food with a twist. Instead of greasy burgers, go for such as gourmet sliders. Serve them with parmesan truffle potato wedges instead of regular fries. And rather than a boring ol’ milkshake, a boozy smoothie is the perfect beverage to tie everything together. And while 50s swimwear is not a requirement, tell your guests that arriving in retro fashion wins them points.

Summer Dinner Party Theme #2: “Where Do You Summer?” Potluck

Feel posh with your friends (unless you’re all fortunate with plenty of travel opportunities) and host a party with dishes and decorations that will take all of you around the world.

You can either assign each guest a different country or they can volunteer a cuisine based on the country they’re from or a city they’ve visited. Each guest could also bring a dish from one of their bucket list destinations.

Take things up a notch by encouraging your guests to show up in the country’s traditional clothing. And if you have the time, put together a playlist consisting of hit songs from each of the nations you and your guests will be representing that night.

Summer Dinner Party Theme #3: Bohemian Backyard BBQ

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Think Coachella meets classic backyard BBQ. Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors enjoying the warmer weather. Serve your favorite barbecue recipes and summer-inspired cocktails.

Coachella is the definition of chill vibes. Dress up in Bohemian-chic music festival style; think along the line of flower crowns, crochet and knits, and 70s fashion. You may want to look to Instagram for fashion inspiration. To recreate Coachella in your backyard, decorate with festive lighting and have fun with fringe. Bring in the flowers, bright colors, and floor pillows. Candles and lanterns also add to the ambiance.

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