What to Take Your Dinner Party Host

Planning to attend a DinDin Party but have no idea what to bring for a hostess gift? Although taking a hostess gift is not necessary, there are many unique ideas that will make the dinner party host feel spectacular. Think about all of the time your host put into planning this dinner party and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes when one has opted to host many guests. Use one of these dinner party hostess gift ideas as a way to say thank you without speaking a word.

DIY Herb Blends

Get crafty with this hostess gift idea, buy small tins and create labels for the tins. Within each tin mix up a special blend of herbs to give your hostess at the next dinner party you attend. This is the perfect gift to say thank you to your hostess because clearly, they must enjoy cooking or else they wouldn’t have crafted this elegant dinner party you are about to attend.

Vase of Flowers

Instead of bringing the regular bouquet of flowers that will create a bit of chaos as the hostess tries to find her vase and cut the ends off the flowers, consider a vase of flowers. Consider purchasing a soapstone vase to present the flowers to your hostess ready to place out for décor. There are many soapstone vases available online and make an excellent gift for the hostess at a dinner party.

Box of Note Cards

You probably don’t know the hostess of this dinner party event, but who doesn’t enjoy a decorative box of note cards? Think about bringing a box of blank note cards purchased from an elegant online store. There are many options available that will make the perfect hostess gift and in turn, allow the host to send out thank you cards to the guests after the party without spending any extra money.

Unique Cookbook

Give the gift that keeps giving with a unique cookbook hostess gift. From cocktails, dinner party themes, and main courses, there are many cookbooks out there on the market. Take your time and opt for a cookbook hostess gift that makes sense for the type of dinner party that you are attending. This unique dinner party hostess idea will be useful for aiding in future dinner parties.

These are a few dinner party hostess gift ideas that are creative and unique. The host at your next dinner party will surely remember you as their guest when you show your appreciation.

What is your favorite dinner party hostess gift idea?

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