Top 7 New Year’s Eve Party Themes

Are you ready to ring in 2018 in style? Here are 7 New Year’s Eve party themes that are sure to be entertaining. Whether your party is casual or formal, one of these themes will work for your group.

Ditch the Desserts

With a new year comes healthy lifestyle resolutions. Send 2017 off on a sweet note by enjoying all those amazing desserts before you kick sugar to the curb. Have each of your guests bring their favorite sweet treat or holiday-inspired dessert to share and indulge.

Dessert DinDin Party - 7 New Years Eve Party Themes


An age-old new year party theme is the masquerade. You can go as elaborate as you wish, from a black-tie event or low-key dinner party. Fancy masks to silly character masks, a masquerade has lots of possibilities. Remember to remove the mask for toasting champagne at midnight!

Masquerade DinDin Party - 7 New Year's Eve Party Themes

Burn Party

Host a bonfire where you’ll be roasting more than marshmallows. Have each guest bring an item that represents something from 2017 that they are ready to let go of. Toss your items in the bonfire and watch them burn away! Old projects holding you back, goals that weren’t worth meeting, or a relationship that caused heartache? Watch the memory turn to ash and be freed to start 2018 fresh.


Make the new year sparkle with this theme! From shiny, glittery and sparkly decor to toasting champagne, this party theme will dazzle your guests. Make the sparkle party theme your own by selecting your color scheme. Go traditional with silver or gold glitter decor or make it bold by mixing multi-colors. End the night with a 2017 sparkler send off.

Sparkle DinDin Party - 7 New Year's Eve Party Themes

Favorite Decade

Either select your favorite decade to host a themed party around or let each guest come dressed in the decade of their choice. From poodle skirts to disco balls, the options for party decor and costumes are endless. Flashback to the 80’s and add Pop Rocks candy to your dessert table and party favor bags. Make it a game to see which guest can rock the best old school costume.

Decade Theme Party - 7 New Year's Eve Party Themes

Pajama Party

What better way to pull an all-nighter and ring in the new year than in comfy pajamas. Have you seen an adult wearing footie pajamas? Onesies come in all sizes and some are pretty hilarious.

Pajama DinDin Party - 7 New Year's Eve Party Themes

Celebrity Goals

Do you have celebrity size goals for 2018? Host a #CelebrityGoals party and have each guest come dressed as the celebrity that best matches their new year resolutions. Hope to publish a book? Dress as your favorite author. Attending medical school? Dress as your favorite celebrity from Grey’s Anatomy.

Which New Year’s Eve party theme are you going to try? Remember, tag us in your DinDin Party photos and use hashtag #DinDinParty so we can join the fun!

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