Top 21 Reasons to Become a DinDin Party Guest

Top 21 Reasons to Register as a DinDin Party Guest

DinDin Party is a new way of social dining and having fun. Becoming a DinDin Party Guest opens you up to a world of exciting, delicious and entertaining adventures right in your neighborhood.  First, register to become a guest to be kept in the loop. (We’re just getting started, but every week new DinDin Party events are being created). Then browse our DinDin Party listings. Pick a menu or experience you would love to try. Purchase a seat, and get ready to meet new friends, eat great food and enjoy fun times!

Here are 21 great reasons why you want to join our community as a DinDin Party Guest:


New Adventures

1. Easy Way to Meet New People. DinDin Party is an easy way for you to meet new people over food, conversation, and entertainment; all in the comfort of a host’s home.

2. Home Cookin’. Enjoy a homecooked meal without the hassle of cooking and cleaning.

3, Homemade Meals for the Non Cooks. Whether you lack cooking skills, or simply hate cooking, a DinDin Party is your solution! Delicious homemade meals enjoyed at a dining room table and all you have to do is show up.

4. Get Adult Time. Spending too much time with the little ones and craving adult conversation? Attending a DinDin Party gives you a room full of grown adults having adult conversations!

5. Makes a Great Date Night. How many rote “dinner and a movie” dates can you do? We believe new, engaging experiences, like the ones you’ll find at a DinDin Party, help keep a relationship fresh.

6. Get a Taste of the Locals. For all types of travelers going to a DinDin Party offers you the opportunity to experience the local culture in a richer, more personal way.

7. Explore New Cultures. A DinDin Party can offer you a wonderfully intimate way to learn about different cultures, from the cuisine to the customs, to real-life stories, all from people who know it best.

8. Great Conversations. Why dine alone when you can join a small group of people having interesting conversations? A DinDin Party offers an easy way to both experience community and to get to know people in your community.

Entertaining Possibilities

9. Fun and Games. Have a new game you’ve always wanted to try? Searching for new competitors to challenge you on your favorite card or board game? Maybe you just enjoy a laugh-out-loud party game. A DinDin Party often includes fun and games you’re sure to enjoy.

10. Be Entertained. DinDin Party hosts have all sorts of talents. So at a DinDin Party, you often can experience more than just the food. Artists, musicians, poets, and entertainers of all types can be part of a DinDin Party. Depending on the DinDin Party you choose, you might experience entertainment ranging from a sing-along around the piano to a storytelling poet, to an awe-inspiring magic show.

11. Connect With Fans of Your Team. Calling all sports fans. Find other fans in the area, even if your team is not local. Attend a tailgate party right in your DinDin Party host’s backyard!

12. Unique Dinner Party Theme Experiences. From Murder Mystery to Retro 80’s party, to Game of Thrones, DinDin Party Hosts provide you with the fun and excitement of a themed party. No worry with planning, register to attend and enjoy all the fun!

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13. Discover Undiscovered Chefs. Some people host a DinDin Party to raise money for a good cause. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a DinDin Party while contributing to something good!

14. Connect with People of Similar Interests. A DinDin Party can form around all sorts of subjects. From the love of a good book or movie to celebrating a religious holiday to gathering to discuss a current event or a local problem. As the DinDin Party community grows, chances are you’ll find events with people who share your interests.

15. Eat. Learn. Party. From a vegan cooking class to learning how to paint, there are countless types of experiences you can learn from in the comfort of a DinDin Party.

DinDin Party offers excellent support

DinDin Party Support

16. Phenomenal Support. At DinDin Party we’re committed to making your experience the best it can be. There’s a 24/7 Help Desk to answer your FAQ’s. A special guest services email, and an online Guest Guide with helpful tips on using the DinDin Party platform and attending DinDin Party events.

17. We Vet and Approve Each Host. Creating a safe place for you to attend your DinDin Party is a top priority. We vet and approve each host. See our Trust and Safety Page for more details on how we keep DinDin Party events safe.

18. Private Messaging with Hosts. You can securely chat privately (first name basis only) with hosts through the DinDin Party private messaging system to learn more about their event.

19. Cashless Dining We securely handle the financial transaction ahead of time so you can focus on the food and the fun. Your credit card information is never stored on our website, providing you with the highest level of security.

20. DinDin Party Badges. Who doesn’t love a little recognition? As a registered DinDin Party guest, you can receive DinDin Party Badges to put on your profile for reaching milestones like earning 5-Star Reviews from your Host.

21. DinDin Dollars. Every DinDin Party you attend earns you DinDin Dollars which can add up to you earning a free seat at a DinDin Party and other rewards.

Let’s Get Your DinDin Party Started!

These 21 reasons to become a DinDin Party Guest only cover the basics. There are many other intangible benefits and delights awaiting you. Each DinDin Party is unique giving you an unlimited variety of food, people, and experiences to enjoy.

We hope you’ll join us in this exciting new endeavor and become part of the new DinDin Party community. We believe life’s better when we DinDin Party together!

Learn more about the DinDin Party Mission and What We Believe.

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