Tips for Hosting an Epic Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is just around the corner and many of you will be planning a cookout. Memorial Day weekend seems to be the kick-off weekend for backyard BBQ’s. We wanted to share some tips today to help you host an epic Memorial Day BBQ DinDin Party. Continue reading for some tips on how you can host the ultimately Memorial Day BBQ for your guests this year.

It’s All About Presentation

The first step to hosting an epic Memorial Day BBQ is to ensure the presentation is superb. You don’t have to go broke when it comes to decorating for your Memorial Day BBQ. You can find loads of decorations and set up ideas on Pinterest to inspire your creative mind on a budget. We have an entire Pinterest board geared around party decorations.

Go Beyond Beef Patties

You need to think big, go beyond just serving regular beef patties. Spice things up a bit with turkey burgers, BBQ skewers, and other options that broaden the taste buds of your guests. You can even spice things up by adding Cajun seasoning to your burgers for an extra southern kick at your Dallas DinDin Party event.

Think About Variety

Side dishes at your epic Memorial Day BBQ should include pasta, bread, salads and other side dishes that allow for your guests to pick and choose. Be sure to have a variety of food options for those who need gluten-free or allergy-free options at your cookout. 

Get the Playlist Ready

Memorial Day weekend is a fabulous time to enjoy the company of friends and family at a backyard BBQ event. Create a playlist that you can play with Bluetooth speakers. This will create an entertaining environment as guests start dancing around the backyard to their favorite tunes.

Offer Many Condiments

Create an ultimate condiment section at your Memorial Day BBQ. Things to include beyond just ketchup and mustard are guacamole, BBQ sauces that offer both sweet and spicy options, grated and sliced cheese, pickles, onions and even sliced peppers will be great to have for your guests.

Bring Back Childhood Games

Surely the music will be playing and guests will be dancing around to their favorite songs, but why not add more to your epic Memorial Day BBQ by bringing back childhood games? Keep your guests engaged with life-size party pong or Jenga. You can setup game stations on your lawn for guests to play and interact. This is a great way for your DinDin Party guests to get to know one another.

backyard fun

Create a Drink Stand

Don’t play bartender at your own BBQ. Set up a drink stand for alcoholic beverages and one for non-alcoholic beverages. This will easily allow your guests to serve themselves when they’re thirsty for a good, cold drink.

There you have it, tips for hosting an epic Memorial Day BBQ. Each of these options should inspire you to host the best BBQ DinDin Party ever this Memorial Day weekend. 

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