3 Creative Ideas for a Themed Dinner Party

3 Creative Ideas for a Themed Dinner Party

Themed parties are always such a hit because they’re engaging and bring out the creativity in people. They’re also highly photogenic! And in this digital age where we are always snapping photos on our phones and posting them on social media, that matters. We want to attend dinner parties for great food, drinks, and conversation; but we’re also looking for visuals we can capture to share and keep. 

Throw the right themed party and your guests are sure to be sharing photos of the night with their network, putting your epic hosting skills in the spotlight. We’ve got three dinner party themes that tick all the right boxes for a themed party your guests will rave about.

Themed Dinner Party Idea #1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Theme Party

A Strangers Thing themed dinner party is another way of telling your guests to arrive in their most radical 80s fashion. The show takes place in the early-to-mid 1980s, and we love seeing all the big permed hair, mullets, high-waisted jeans, jelly shoes, and shoulder pads. And the best part is guests can still participate even if they haven’t watched the series. However, consider sending invitations out to your guests a few weeks in advance to give them time to binge-watch the show.

Because the show pays tribute to all things the 80s, focus your venue’s décor on trends reminiscent of that time such as cassette tapes, boom boxes, Rubik’s cubes, 80s video games, or neon streamers and balloons. Don’t forget your 80s playlist – think along the lines of Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Roxette, and Duran Duran!

But if you want to stay true to Stranger Things, you can’t forget the iconic Christmas lights, and letters scrawled on the wall. You may also want to emphasize The Upside Down and paranormal activity.

Themed Dinner Party Idea #2. Four Seasons

Four Seasons For your Four Seasons to be a success, don’t forget to assign each guest with a season and let them know in advance. An equal number of guests per season is your goal; it will also make it easy for people to break off into teams if you have party games planned. It may be wise to put people in groups who don’t know each other, giving them the opportunity to meet and connect.

If everyone dresses accordingly, you’ll have a beautiful group photo showing off the colors of spring, summer, fall, and winter. You’ll have some guests who look like they’re ready to lounge by the pool on a hot summer’s day or wearing pastels and vivid floral colors of spring. Your winter guests may show up in ugly Christmas sweaters or even dressed as an ice princess. Being assigned fall could mean dressing in beautiful autumn colors or give someone an excuse to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume.

Themed Dinner Party Idea #3. High School Stereotypes

Were you an outcast, a troublemaker, or part of the popular clique in high school? Love ‘em or hate ‘em; no high school experience is complete without the iconic stereotypes. There are the nerds, the jocks, the rebels, the overachievers, the stoners, and the goths – to name a few. And don’t forget that over the decades, a new breed of stereotypes has emerged, making the list of stereotypes to choose from so much more fun. Now we’ve got the chic geeks, the environmentalists, hipsters, and influencers.

What’s fun about High School Stereotypes theme parties is that you can reminisce about high school days or create characters that are more than what they seem – like the smart girl stuck in a superficial clique or the jock who secretly wants to become a poet.

Some great menu ideas would be enhanced versions of high school cafeteria food. A tribute to pepperoni pizza would be flatbread pizza with prosciutto, arugula, and mozzarella. And for grown-up versions of tater tots, give potatoes some sophistication with olive oil, smoked paprika, parmesan, and chives.

We hope this article has given you a couple of good ideas for a themed dinner party. Ready to host a themed dinner party with Dindin Party? It’s easy to get started. Just apply to become a host or chef, go to https://www.dindinparty.com/become-host