The Donner Dinner Party Game

Described as the “rowdy game of frontier cannibalism,” the Donner Dinner Party game is the perfect game to play at the next DinDin Party you host.

How to Play

The Donner Dinner Party game is a game for 4 or more players. The players are members of the ill-fated Donner Party Wagon Train, and you’re all fighting for survival. It’s a game of deception, twists, and sabotage as you’re either secretly a pioneer or a cannibal.

As a cannibal, you need to identify your fellow cannibals before the game begins. As a pioneer, your goal is to collect enough food for each player and to outlast the cannibals. The cannibal’s goal? To deplete the resources and eat the pioneers! One of our favorite parts of the game is the group vote that determines who will be eaten for the survival of the party.

What to Wear

Set in 1846, you and the other players are stranded atop a mountain. Dress in character as pioneers on the frontier. Alternatively, you could dress ready to fend off the harsh cold of the mountains. Getting dressed up in your best wagon train costume doesn’t have to be a requirement, but it certainly does make things more fun.

What to Serve

A game on cannibalism demands a few dishes filled with foods to fake out your guests by looking like real human body parts. You can seek inspiration from a Halloween menu. Here are a few ideas:


Make a batch of deviled egg eyes that look like real eyeballs. All you need are a dozen eggs prepared using your favorite deviled egg recipe. A little food coloring can recreate the colors of eyes while black olives serve as the eye’s pupil.

Severed Fingers

These hot dogs redefine “finger food” as they’re meant to look like severed fingers laying in a pool of blood. They are really strategically-cut hot dogs. To make the hot dog look like a real finger, cut out a thin section at the tip of the hot dog that resembles a nail bed. Make a few cuts with a knife where the knuckles would be. And the blood? That’s just ketchup.


Get creative with puff pastry to create the look of intestines winding around on a pan. The challenge is to make the longest tube of stuffed dough that you can. This Stuffed Puff Pastry Intestines recipe calls for a sloppy joe stuffing, but you can easily stuff your “intestines” with cheese or sausage.


The Grim Reaper Cocktail looks like a glass full of bloody water thanks to its red hue. It’s actually just Kahlua, rum, and a few drops of grenadine.

Alternatively, you can stay in character and serve dishes that you can pretend is squirrel. Fish would be a nice touch as its one of the main resources from the game.

Do you hope to be one of the pioneers hunting for resources to keep everyone alive or a cannibal fantasizing what recipe to use of your fellow survivors? Ready to host your first Donner Dinner Party? Register as Guest or Apply as a Host!