Thanksgiving DinDin Party benefitting We Are All Homeless Project

DinDin Party Recap: Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving dinner table is one of my favorite places on Earth. That’s because it’s all about families coming together over dinner and acknowledging one’s blessings.

Here at DinDin Party, we thought it would be a great idea to bring people together who may not have a family to be with this year and give back to our community by creating a Fundraising Thanksgiving Dinner Party benefitting the We Are All Homeless Project. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Party benefitting We Are All Homeless ProjectSince DinDin Party is all about bringing new people together for a dinner party in the comfort of a home, we felt the issue of homelessness was the antithesis of what DinDin Party is all about. We believe everyone should have a home to go to.

We chose We Are All Homeless Project because I know the commitment of its founder Willie Baronet to raise awareness and compassion around the issue of homelessness.

Willie has been buying signs from the homeless for close to 25 years. And did a cross-country trip buying signs and meeting homeless people in a heart-centered documentary film called Signs of Humanity.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table is Set
We decided on $50 a seat and raised $200 for We Are All Homeless!

Olive Oils and Vinegars at the Thanksgiving DinDin Party

Thanksgiving DinDin Party Pre-Dinner Appetizers

We started with an appetizer of rosemary garlic ciabatta bread and three dipping sauces. Each dipping sauce was created by pairing flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars we purchased from Northfield Olive Oils and Vinegars on a recent trip to Northfield Minnesota.

The first dipping sauce featured Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil and Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar. The second one a Persian Lime Infused Olive Oil and Pomegranate-Quince White Balsamic Vinegar. And for third sauce, we went with their Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged to perfection. Everyone had a different favorite so they were all winners!

Next up was a Harvest Salad, a combination of salad greens with blue cheese, sliced pears, caramelized pecans, tossed with a Champagne Vinaigrette. This was our attempt to recreate our favorite salad served at Fireside Pies in Dallas. I’d say we got 90% there in our re-creation, but our guests loved it!

Thanksgiving Dinner is Served. Well, Most of it…

Then it was time for the main meal — an oven roasted organic Turkey with a New England Meat-based stuffing that’s an old family recipe. Creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, whole cranberries and a spiral brown sugar glazed ham.

Doing Thanksgiving as a DinDin Party has its own set of challenges. It’s one meal that has a lot of dishes! Our menu might have been a tad overambitious especially since we only have one oven! We struggled to stay time coordinated.  And we burned the spiced pumpkin bars!  (Note to future DinDin Party Hosts — keep it simple!)

Dinner is served at the Thanksgiving DinDin PartyNevertheless, the food got out, dinner was served and everyone had seconds! During dinner, we went around the table, and as a twist on sharing the usual thanks, we shared what we were thankful for happening in the coming year! This visioning exercise created lots of interesting side conversations and it took most of the meal for everyone to have a turn.

Everyone was so full after dinner, it didn’t seem to matter that we lost the pumpkin bar dessert. We still made room for Triple Chocolate Brownie Bars and lemon thin cookies.


Then it was time for the entertainment part of the evening — a special screening of Willie’s touching documentary  Signs of Humanity.

After the film, we went around the room and answered the film’s core question — what does home mean to you? Which lead to some very heartfelt insights.

Dark chocolate turkeys

At the end of the evening, we gave out a DinDin Party Guest Goodie bag filled with homemade pralines, a Swish Chocolate Toblerone bar and some assorted teas and coffees. And one of our guests surprised us with these dark chocolate Turkeys! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and even better — we raised $200 for the We Are Homeless Project!

Thanksgiving Dinner Party hosts
Two Happy Hosts at our Thanksgiving DinDin Party

Our Thanksgiving Vision

One of my “thanks” for the coming year is that DinDin Party events occur on a daily basis throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth. 

DinDin Party has just launched. So we’re looking to build a community of hosts and guests who share our vision of meeting new people through social dining. A place where we call all enjoy wonderful conversations, new culinary adventures, and fun experiences,  in a comfortable setting created by hosts who love to cook and entertain. 

Got a DinDin Party idea of your own? Love to plan parties, cook and/or host? Apply to become a DinDin Party Host. You have total creative control of the DinDin Party you create. You set the date, time, location and price per guest. And you earn the price you set per guest for each guest who attends! Learn more about becoming a DinDin Party Host HERE.

Interested in attending a DinDin Party? Register to become a guest HERE. We’ll keep you informed of DinDin Party events in your area.