Taste of Nepali: Our Interview with Dixya from Food, Pleasure and Health

We are excited to welcome Dixya from the Food, Pleasure, and Health blog as a host with DinDin Party. Dixya is hosting a Taste of Nepali Dumplings (Mo:Mo) this month and it has almost sold out! Currently, there is only one seat left for her dinner party on January 27, 2018. To get an inside look at the inspiration behind her cooking and to let our guests to get know her a little better, we put together a list of questions for a fun interview. Dixya is a local Dallas Registered Dietitian and foodie.

Interview with Dixya from Food, Pleasure, and Health

Taste of Nepali: Interview with Dixya of Food, Pleasure and Health

What is your main goal of hosting a Taste of Nepali DinDin Party?

My main goal of hosting a Taste of Nepali DinDin Party is to bring people who love food or are curious to experience delicious meals together and make meaningful conversations. I am also excited to spread my love for mo:mo (Nepali dumplings) with the Dallas/Fort Worth community, which has always been the goal.

Do you come from a large family? Is socializing with a big group over dinner customary to you?

I was born and raised in a joint family where grand parents, uncles, aunts lived together and I loved it very much. In Nepali culture (or most South East Asian culture), we treat and respect not only our immediate family members but extended relatives, neighbors, friends, and guests as a part of our family, so naturally socializing with a large crowd is a norm, which kinda explains 500+ guests at our weddings.

What is your favorite dinner party quote?

Come Hungry, Not Angry!

If you could invite one person dead or alive to your DinDin Party, who would it be?

I’d love to dine with Rachel Khoo.

If you had to pick one menu item to eat for the rest of your life, which recipe would you choose?

It’s a hard choice between sushi/sashimi and mo:mo.

Taste of Nepali

Which dinner party game do you love playing the most?

Ice breaker is always fun with a new group of friends but I love board games in general. I recently played “code names” and really enjoyed it.

What inspired you to become a registered dietitian and foodie?

I had no idea what a Registered Dietitian really was until my cousin suggested I look into it.  So I took a nutrition class when I was a freshman and never looked back. I have been practicing as a Registered Dietitian for 6 years now and I am really grateful for all the opportunities and growth this career has brought into my life.

Fill in the blank…. My dinner party is a success when _____!

My dinner party is successful when people are comfortably stuffed (with mo:mo) & are having a great conversation with each other.

The Taste of Nepali looks to be a great DinDin Party event but hurry, to reserve the last seat to be one of the locals to taste her delicious home cooked food. You can find Dixya sharing her love of food on Instagram @FoodPleasureHealth