Recap: Taste of Nepali DinDin Party

The Taste of Nepali DinDin Party event was held this past Saturday by food blogger and dietician, Dixya. She held a cooking demonstration of Nepali Dumplings – Mo:Mo. The dumplings tasted amazing! She offered a chicken and vegetarian version to accommodate all of her guests.

This dinner party brought together a group of local food lovers. They got to enjoy each other’s company as well as learn how to make dumplings.


Chicken and Nepali spices for filling dumplings

It was so neat to see the contents that were going inside the dumplings. The chicken was filled with seasoning and Nepali spices.

Dixya taught her guests how to wrap the dumplings. Which is not as easy as one would think! She had the dough prepared and ready for her guests to get hands-on if they wanted. Being able to learn how to wrap the dumplings made the dinner party all the more special.

Guests were allowed to bring their own wine, so that they could share with the other guests.

The mo:mo was served alongside Nepali style potato salad and edamame. I’m already craving this again! I cannot wait to try these recipes at home.

After we ate the dumplings, we were served this amazing Nepali styled dessert called Sikarni. It’s whipped yogurt with cardamom topped with pomegranate seeds. I would have never thought that yogurt could make such a good dessert.

Everyone had so much fun that the party lasted longer than planned.

Are you ready to plan your first DinDin Party? I know I will be attending another one soon! Check out the current parties and reserve your seat today.