Taste of DinDin Party: A Winter's Night of Pairings | DinDin Party

Taste of DinDin Party: A Winter's Night of Pairings

Taste of DinDin Party: A Winter's Night of Pairings
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Fri,Jan18 7:00 pm
9:00 pm

DinDin Party hosts its second Taste of DinDin Party. The theme is a Winter’s Night of Pairings. 

This event showcases two of the top up-and-coming private chefs in Dallas. Each chef has prepared a 3-course fine dining menu. A Sommelier has paired each course with wine to bring out the flavors of food and compliment the palate.

But for a Winter’s Night of Pairings, we’re taking pairings a step further.

The sommelier will also pair each course to each guest’s personal wine preferences. 

So at a Winter’s Night of Pairings, we’re pairing the food with the wine, and the wine with you! 

Which course, from which menu you’re served, depends on your answers to a wine survey you’ll fill out after your book your seat.

And to make it even more special, guests who book early will get a personalized Wine Profile from our Sommelier at the event with more information on your wine preferences and suggestions for some wines to try.

A Winter’s Night of Pairings promises you an evening of mystery, possibilities, and synchronicities. A hint of magic. A perfect blend of flavors. And a taste of what makes a DinDin Party such an exceptional experience.

NOTES: Event is taking place at Soar Creative Studios in the Design District. 1337 Chemical St. Dallas, TX  75207. Purchase two or more tickets and pay $85 per ticket. A savings of 15% off the single-ticket price! 

* If purchasing tickets for other guests we will email you a link to a special page where each of your guests can complete their own wine survey. It will be your responsibility to pass on that link. Note each guest must complete a wine survey to get their dinner and wine paired to their tastes and preferences. 

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