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Social ExperiEvent

Social ExperiEvent
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Wed,Sep19 5:30 pm
9:00 pm
Join us for a Social experiEvent - a collaborative social mixer that blends artistic mediums to create a social and networking experience like no other! We take the old boring stand around a bar social and networking mixer and pump it full of art, music, and fun. At this Social ExperiEvent you will find over 100 professionals making social and networking connections while checking out amazing art, fashion, food and listening to some great music. At this special event we will be showcasing Jeremy Scott, a featured chef on the hit TV Show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Jeremy owns and runs Tutta's Pizza, one of the coolest joints and food trucks in Dallas. The art of David Crimson, Jeri Ledbetter, Dana Ruth Harvey at the Craighead Green Gallery, the music of DJ Kutz and a special performance by MPowered. $50 gets you in the door for this special event. Tutta's gourmet pizza and drinks included. Plus a portion of the proceeds goes to MPowered, a non-profit helping children and young adults (including special needs, disabled, and at-risk kids) find and develop their talent and uniqueness (superpower) and providing them opportunities to use that superpower to give back to those in need!
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