5 Ideas for Entertaining a Small Dinner Party

5 Ideas for Entertaining a Small Dinner Party

Small dinner parties are intimate, making them more memorable. Because you’re entertaining only a few people, it gives you the opportunity to focus on the details and ensure everything from the menu to the décor to the night’s entertainment are just right.

Extend the evening with activities that give your guests the opportunity to connect, have fun and interact. Here are five small dinner party ideas for a more perfect gathering! 

Small Dinner Party Idea #1. Wine Tasting Challenge

Wine and Dine: Food and Wine Pairings for Your Next Dinner PartyAfter a delectable dinner, gather the group for a wine sipping soiree. If you and your friends consider yourselves wine connoisseurs, challenge one another to a blind tasting and see who knows their wine varieties, regions, and vintages.

Turn wine tasting into a game by taking a sip and guessing the bottle’s price tag. For this game, make sure you have a nice selection that includes pricey premium wines and $5 bottles that you feel could fool even the best wine experts.

Small Dinner Party Idea #2. DIY Cocktail Bar

Skip the beer and red or white wine options and set up a DIY cocktail bar. Each guest gets to play bartender at one point in the evening and prepare their favorite cocktail for everyone.

Because there’s only a few of you, it’ll be easy to ask each guest which of their favorite cocktails they want to prepare for the group and make sure you have all the ingredients. Better yet, they may want to bring their liquor, mixers, and garnishes.

Small Dinner Party Idea #3. Drive-In Movie

Turn your backyard into a drive-in movie with a white screen and projector. And you can easily create the same ambiance in your living room. The best movie choices would be something meaningful to the entire group such as a movie that reminds you of your youth.

Another good idea for a movie would be one that complements the dinner menu’s theme. Did you serve French cuisine? Play well-loved French films such as Amelie or classics like 1962’s Jules et Jim, or 1939’s Rules of the Games.

Small Dinner Party Idea #4. Cook Something Together

Cooking parties are fun and interactive. Because it’s a small gathering, you probably only invited 3 to 5 friends and therefore, won’t be overcrowding your kitchen.

Choose a dish that is simple yet has enough elements to involve everyone. One guest could prepare the meat while someone else is chopping vegetables. Some recipes that are perfect for cooking in groups include pizza, lasagna, dumplings, and sushi rolls. Visit our Dinner Party Recipes page for additional ideas. 

Don’t want your guests worrying about dinner? Make a dessert together such as parfaits, cobblers, or no-bake cheesecake truffles

Small Dinner Party Idea #5. Play Games

People throw intimate parties for different reasons. You could want an evening surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Or you could throw a DinDin Party to meet new people. Or a small party for a group of people who you hope will get to know each other better. After all, intimate gatherings are free from distraction and allow for more conversation and deeper connections.

The games you play mainly depend on the intention of your small dinner party. Do you want old friends to make new memories or do you want new acquaintances to learn more about each other? Some of our favorite adult dinner party games that are perfect for small groups include Two Truths and a Lie and Who Am I.

Of course, any of these ideas would make for a great DinDin Party. To learn more about becoming a DinDin Party host or guest visit our website.