7 Ways to Dress Up Premade Holiday Side Dishes

Can you believe the holidays are already approaching? This means gathering friends and family around the table and enjoying a great meal together. If your DinDin Party has a larger focus on an activity, such as watching the game, a performance of any kind or even a group crafting project and you find yourself limited on time, buying premade side dishes may be a great idea. But don’t worry, using premade holiday side dishes doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on flavor. Here are 7 ways to dress up premade holiday side dishes, so you can put on a feast even in the shortest amount of time.

Add some bacon

You can buy premade bacon crumbles and use them on mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or even in green bean and vegetable dishes. They add tons of smoky flavor. If you can’t find premade bacon crumbles, quickly microwave a few pieces of bacon, drain the grease, and crumble into small pieces.

Consider shredded cheese

Cheese makes everything better. You can stir shredded cheese into mashed potatoes or sprinkle it on top of pre-made mac and cheese dinners. You can also melt it on dinner bread, or add it to vegetable dishes. Different kinds of cheese will add different flavors, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

Get out the honey

Honey is so easy to use! It can add sweetness to your side dishes such as carrots or yams. Drizzle a little honey over these dishes to help enhance their natural flavor. Even if they are canned, it will make a huge difference. If you wish, you can even use honey on basic store biscuits.

Brown sugar is your best friend

Brown sugar can make its way into all sorts of premade holiday side dishes. Consider sprinkling canned yams or sweet potatoes with a little. You can also add brown sugar to canned carrots to add some extra flavor to them. If you need to soften up your brown sugar first, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds until soft.

Bring out the garlic

Garlic is a powerful ingredient and can turn any boring dish into something savory. Add garlic to your mashed potatoes, premade stuffing, or your vegetable dishes. Even canned veggies will taste better with a touch of garlic. Garlic powder does the trick, and you can grab a container of it at your local grocery store.

Try fried onions

Buy a can of fried onions, which are packed with flavor and perfect for use on green beans and stuffing. Just a sprinkle on top will add tons of crunch as well as flavor. Another perk? Canned fried onions are inexpensive!

Flavored oils or herb butter

Make boring bread, potatoes, and vegetable dishes tastier when you add flavored olive oil or herb butter. They can add flavor, make your potatoes creamier, and make any loaf of bread the best around!

Did you ever think that dressing up premade side dishes could be so easy? Consider these 7 ways to dress up premade side dishes and see how simple it can be to add some flavor to even the basic of dishes.

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7 Ways to Dress Up Premade Holiday Side Dishes