Outdoor Dinner Party Games

Outdoor Dinner Party Games

Beautiful weather is a cause for celebration and a great excuse to invite family or friends over for some good food and outdoor entertainment. You can also choose to enjoy dinner indoors and afterward, head to the patio or backyard to keep the fun going with light conversations and outdoor fun.

Take the party outside with these creative outdoor dinner party games that are sure to keep you and your guests laughing all night long:

Outdoor Dinner Party Games #1: Musical Statue

Musical Statue is a timeless classic for a good reason. The game is played a lot at children’s parties; however, adults who play this game quickly discover why they’re so much fun. All you need is a playlist full of catchy dance songs, an adequate sound system, and someone hitting pause and judging your guests’ statue skills.

Be prepared to call out anyone who makes even the slightest of movements. For laughs, you may want to walk around with a feather to tickle under people’s noses to get them to react. The fun is finding creative ways to distract the players and getting them to break character. 

Outdoor Dinner Party Games #2: Jumbo Jenga

Regular Jenga is safe enough to play indoors; its oversized version was created for outdoor fun. What’s most fun about Giant Jenga is that when the oversized blocks come crashing down, there’s plenty of room for everyone to back away.

Traditional Jenga pieces are no more than 7.5 cm long while Jenga Giant stands over 3 feet high. You can even build your Jenga pieces with lumber and customize them to stack as high as you want. To make it more festive, paint the pieces in various vivid colors. There’s also a drinking game version of Jenga if you’re going to make things more interesting.

 Outdoor Dinner Party Games #3: Nerf Gun Target Practice

Who says Nerf guns are just for kids? The best part about this game is that you only need one Nerf gun. You can pile cans up high or arrange them a row. Create the rules and prizes for who dominates as the sharpest shooter.

Outdoor Dinner Party Games #4: Miniature Golf

Turn your backyard into a unique mini-golf course. It can be simple or as complicated as you want. Sketch it out and put your vision into action with bridges, bumpers, and rails using everyday materials. You can buy planks of wood or use stuff you already have around the house to build your course with obstacles and holes. You don’t need to go digging holes in your backyard either; empty tennis cans will do.

The Classics

When you think of outdoor fun, it’s easy to think about getting physical and stretching your legs. However, playing party games outside could also mean chilling out by the pool, the patio, or a backyard fire pit.

After dinner, gather the gang for fun games that will keep the conversation going. Classics such as Never Have I Ever,’ or Charades are fun whether you’re indoors or outdoors. But when the weather outside is perfect, why waste it.

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