Menu Ideas for Winter Dinner Party

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party

Planning on throwing a dinner party this winter and want to wow your guests? Of course, all those in attendance will look forward to the company, the vibe, and the décor. But we all know that the food and drink you serve will probably be what they remember most. 

Give your guests something exciting to talk about during and long after your dinner party by thoughtfully planning your winter feast. From appetizers to dessert, we take you through a list of our top menu ideas for a winter dinner party:

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Appetizers

Leave the chips and dips for game night and casual get-togethers. For your dinner party to start on the right note, offer your guests small bites that look, smell and taste festive.

Sweet and Savory Bacon-Wrapped Puff Pastry Twist

Pear and Prosciutto Bruschetta

White Cheddar Gougeres, Apple Pulp, Prosciutto, and Sage

Brie Stuffed Crispy Baby Potatoes

Bacon Water Chestnut Rolls

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Cocktails

Serve cheerful cocktails to help the cool conversations flowing. We’ve got some cocktail and drink recipes that give classic favorites a winter twist.

Cranberry Orange Margaritas

Winter Spiced Old Fashioned

Drunk Jack Frosties

Winter Margarita

Spiced Hot Lemon Drink

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Salad

We’ve got some delightful salad recipes that are cool, colorful and tasty. These salad recipes are far from your basic chopped greens and dressing!

Blood Orange, Date, Parmesan, and Almond Salad

Roasted Apple Salad with Spicy Maple-Cider Vinaigrette

Kale Salad with Cranberries and Brussels Sprouts

Turkey Salad and Warm Clementine Dressing

Holiday Apple Salad

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Soups and Stews

Is there anything more comforting than hot soup or stew in winter? Your guests will feel the warmth of your hospitality when you serve them a steaming bowl of goodness. Some of these stews are so loaded and rich that they could pass for entrees!

Spiced Sweet Potato Stew

Pumpkin and Ginger Soup

Butternut Squash-Apricot Chicken Noodle Curry

Creamy Spiced Cauliflower Soup

Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Main Dish


The entrée is considered the main dish for a reason. It’s meant to be the star of the whole meal. Don’t disappoint your guests! Here are delicious recipes with names alone that will make your guests salivate:

Sage-Crusted Pork Racks with Pear Chutney

Brandied Ham

Honey-mint Glazed Lamb

Cranberry Turkey Brine with Ginger

Grilled Pork Loin Steaks with Cherry-Plum Sauce

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Side Dishes

Complement your main dish with the perfect sides. Here’s our list of flavorful side dishes that pair beautifully with your entrees and add a welcomed flavor and texture element:

Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Mushrooms with Red Wine Butter

Slow-Roasted Shallots in Skins

Honey and Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Baby Spinach and Garlic Bread Pudding

Menu Ideas for a Winter Dinner Party: Dessert

There’s always room for dessert! We’ve found winter dessert recipes that have taken your classic favorites for a spin, ensuring your guests’ cap off their dining experience with nostalgic comfort and a sweet surprise.

Chocolate Chestnut Mousse

Baked Cinnamon Apples

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

No-Bake Peppermint Cheesecake

Easy Pumpkin Cream Trifle

We believe that the secret to a memorable winter dinner party is to serve guests with classic favorites that are wrapped in the colors and flavors of winter! Which of the recipes that we’ve listed are you most likely to serve at your winter dinner party?

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