Menu Ideas for an Appetizer Only Party

Menu Ideas for an Appetizer Dinner Party

Sit-down dinners are classic, but sometimes a change of pace is welcome. If you’re looking for a way to shake up the traditional dinner party experience, there are many ways to do it. One great option that makes the organization a bit easier for you would be to have an appetizer dinner party.

Finger foods are fun, delicious and easy to make, so they’re a perfect alternative to a complicated multiple-course meal. Appetizer only dinner parties are a sure choice for those who are new to hosting, or who don’t have a dining room big enough to host more people. Of course, coming up with a menu for an appetizer dinner party is going to take a bit of work, so here are our suggestions:

Appetizer Dinner Party Menu Ideas:

Healthy Appetizers

For spring and summer appetizer only parties, having something fresh and green on the table is a must. Whether you choose fruit or vegetables to make these delicious finger foods, you can’t go wrong.

Snacks, Dips, and Spreads

Popcorn balls - DinDin Party

If you’re having a casual game night or looking to start your guests with something lighter before moving to more filling appetizers, snacks combined with dips and spreads will be ideal. They’re easy to prep, and there’s usually a recipe for everyone’s taste.

Protein Appetizers

Protein Appetizers

Most of your guests are likely to arrive at a dinner party hungry, even if it is appetizer only. It is why protein appetizers are usually a must. The good thing is that they’re very versatile. You could serve fish, poultry, or even make an egg or cheese-based finger foods that your guests are sure to love.

Carb Appetizers

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There’s something to be said about carbs: they’re everyone’s favorite comfort food. Starting from the great Italian inventions of bruschetta and pizza, to various dumplings and rolls, carb appetizers are hearty and always a party favorite. Here are some of the easy ones we recommend:


Ah, dessert! For the fans of sweets, it wouldn’t be considered a dinner party complete without them. Make sure you’re able to wow your guests with some lovely desserts. You can go as simple as candies and chocolate, or make it a little more elaborate with cake or a mousse. Whatever you choose, any of these recipes are delicious:

Seasonal Appropriate Appetizers

Depending on the season, your selection of appetizers may vary. It’s often a good idea to stick to ingredients that are in season, so you don’t go through a lot of trouble during prep. Here are some of the recipes you could fall back on during spring, summer, fall, and winter:

Add some of these delicious appetizers and a nice selection of beverages and you’ve got a fantastic dinner party regardless of how small your place is for hosting.

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