How to Throw a Great Backyard Dinner Party

How to Throw a Great Backyard Dinner Party

A backyard dinner party is one of the most anticipated signs of warmer, mild weather and pleasant nights spent outdoors. However, it sometimes require a bit more planning and logistics adjustments. Especially if you usually throw dinner parties indoors. However, if you have a beautiful backyard and are looking to show it off, here’s how you can throw a fantastic backyard dinner party:

Tips For Throwing a Great Backyard Dinner Party:

Have a Plan B in Case of Rain

Inclement weather can spoil even the most elaborate plans. So make sure you know what to do in the case that happens. Whether you want to stay outside but hide from the rain on the patio. or move the party inside for some board games and good food, you should know your Plan B ahead of time. Having a contingency plan will alleviate stress, and no one wants to see their host fret.

Make Sure Your Guests Know It’s Time to Eat

If you’re throwing a grill party in the backyard, it would be annoying if guests arrived late. You’d either have to serve them cold food or fire up the grill again. To avoid this, make sure everyone knows when it’s eating time, and people will be more inclined to be on plan.

Go Over Your Seating Options

Backyards usually have ample seating space, but it’s still possible to plan for more people than you currently have space. If you don’t have enough patio chairs, you can always use your dining chairs. And if that’s not enough, there are alternatives. Renting chairs could work, as it is a pretty cheap option. Alternatively, if your party is casual, you can make the seating match it, and put your poufs, lazy bags and drum stools to good use.

Keep Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes are a nuisance when the warmer weather rolls around, and you’d be surprised at how much they can dampen the mood and ruin your guests’ experience. To protect both them and yourself, get rid of standing water in your backyard before the party, so you’d eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds. If you’re throwing a small party, create airflow with fans in the party area, or ensure your guests have some repellent protection.

Create an Atmosphere

How to Throw a Great Backyard Dinner Party

A pleasant ambiance is going to take your backyard dinner party to a whole new level, so make sure you create it with soft but ample lighting and appropriate music. There’s no need to make the music loud — you want your guests to be able to chatter with ease, but ensure there’s enough background noise for silences to be pleasant. As far as lights go, ambient lighting will do, as it won’t look too harsh once the evening sets.

Prepare an Appropriate Menu

Finally, an appropriate menu is usually the star of every dinner party. If you lack ideas, fortunately, there are a few simple rules to stick to that can get you started. The food should fit the theme of the evening, and preferably be seasonally-appropriate. That should make your preparation more relaxed, and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate it.

A backyard dinner party is a special kind of fun, but also a challenge for every host. Hopefully, these ideas will help you ensure your evening goes smoothly and enables you to improve even more at being a DinDin Party host.

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