Hosting a Dinner Party as a DinDin Party Host

Dixya from Food, Pleasure, and Health hosted her first DinDin Party event and we loved it! If you missed the full recap of her Taste of Nepali cooking demonstration, then check out all the delicious details and photos here. We had a chance to chat with her after her event ended and ask a few follow-up questions on hosting a dinner party as a DinDin Party host. It is nice to hear all the lovely things said about how successful her DinDin Party event was. She shares her tips and thoughts below.

Hosting a Dinner Party as a DinDin Party Host

How did you like hosting a DinDin Party event?

I absolutely enjoyed hosting my 1st DinDin party. I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time but everything from planning, hosting, and everything in between went very smoothly. 

What was it like having ten people you didn’t know attend?

I had no idea who I would be having over so I was slightly nervous about that part but it ended up being such a chill evening. We all bonded over food and drinks and made some new friends. 

What advice would you give someone thinking of hosting a dinner party through DinDin Party?

I’d say just do it. A lot of times people are hesitant about hosting people over because their space isn’t big enough, they don’t know how to cook, or just don’t know what it’s like having strangers in your house. Those are some legitimate concerns but there are so many creative ways to host parties in a small space, or you can do DIY + light bites if cooking isn’t your thing. 

If you could give one dinner party tip to someone planning their own event, what would your tip be?

I would say plan your own event/food that you are passionate about so it’s enjoyable for you and everyone else around you. 

Thoughts from a DinDin Party Host

Would you host a DinDin Party again? Why?

I would love to host another DinDin Party because it’s a great way to combine your interest, love for food, and meet new people. Unlike at restaurants or a large crowd, I love the small group interaction and really having that meaningful conversation with everyone. 

Thoughts on Hosting a DinDin Party

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