Friends Partying at Holiday Dinner Party

Holiday Dinner Party Games

Getting to know unfamiliar faces at a dinner party can be hard. A DinDin Party can help you meet people with similar interests, but holiday dinner party games can make it feel more natural to break the ice! If you’re hosting or attending a holiday dinner party this season, have a few Christmas activities in mind to raise the party’s energy level. You can even give out prizes to the winners. 

Holiday Dinner Party Games

Holiday Dinner Party Games - Christmas JeopardyChristmas Jeopardy

If your group prides themselves in knowing random facts, this is the game for you! This version asks questions about Christmas food, movie quotes, songs, and more. It is sure to cause you to work up an appetite. Remember that the game takes a little while, so if your guests arrive hungry you may want to play this one during dessert. Note: For directions or to print the game pieces click on the game title or photo).

Holiday Dinner Party Games - Pin the Face on the ElfPin the Face on the Elf

If you have pictures of everyone attending the party, print them out. If not, choose faces of celebrities or Christmas characters. The goal of this game is similar to pin the tail on the donkey. You’ll have each person close their eyes and try to stick the printed face on the elf body. The face closest wins!

Holiday Dinner Party Games - Guess the CarolGuess the Carol: Emoji Edition

Prior to your dinner party put together a playlist with some of the songs from this list to set the mood, and print a sheet for each attendee. Have the music playing when everyone arrives. Once everyone has had time to mingle, give everyone a worksheet to fill out. Once everyone is done, announce the correct answers. The person who guessed the most carols correctly wins.

Want More Holiday Dinner Party Games?

Thanks to the folks at RedBubble for these ideas. Check out their other 30 Holiday Party Game ideas for both the home and the office.