Global Dinner Party Menu Ideas

A global dinner party theme with dishes from around the world takes your guests on a culinary journey that can surprise and delight. Tell your guests to get their palette passports ready and prepare for a trip around the world with these global dishes featuring these top three cuisines. Or create a themed dinner party around French, Chinese or Indian food using these recommended menu ideas.

1. Global Dinner Party: FRANCE

French food culture is one of the most admired in the world. And it is arguably one of the most challenging cuisines to master as it involves complex techniques such as sautéing and poaching. Prepare an authentic French meal for your dinner party guests from start to finish and earn their praises.

French Appetizers:

Introduce your guests to the elegance of French hors d’ oeuvres with these fancy appetizer recipes:

French Entrees:

From authentic cuisine to French fusion, delight your guests with your knowledge of French flavors and techniques with these main dish recipes:

French Desserts:

You can’t go wrong with classic French desserts. They’re mouth-watering and decadent. Here are our top three favorites.


2. Global Dinner Party: CHINA

Chinese food is colorful, aromatic, and super tasty. The world has embraced Chinese cuisine because it epitomizes comfort food. Give your guests a break from Chinese take-out and let them experience warm and welcoming home cooking.

Chinese Appetizers:

Most Chinese appetizer recipes have been passed down through generations, with execution something typically taught by the elders to the younger ones. When cooking for your guests, you can’t go wrong with these traditional Chinese recipes.

Chinese Main Dishes:

Our favorite Chinese main dishes are best with warm rice. You can take the meal up a notch by serving any of these dishes with an authentic Chinese fried rice recipe like yang chow fried rice or crab fried rice.

Chinese Desserts:

We love Chinese desserts because they’re easy to make and are served in individual small cups. What’s more fun than having a bowl of dessert all to yourself?


3. Global Dinner Party: INDIA

We love Indian dishes because they’re bursting with flavor thanks to their use of exotic and magical spices. Introduce your guests to these dynamic dishes that explore all the flavors – from spicy to sweet to sour!

Indian Appetizers:

These recipes aren’t just perfect to serve as appetizers for your global dinner party, but they also make delicious snacks.

Indian Main Dishes:

Full of spices and packed with flavor. These classic Indian dishes will make your guests feel like they’re in the heart of Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Indian Desserts:

Introduce your guests to all-time Indian dessert favorites that are sweet, refreshing, and delectable.

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