Frequently Asked Questions


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DinDin Party is a new way to meet, dine, interact and have fun!

We provide an online platform for hosts who love to cook and entertain to share their passion and earn an income creating unique DinDin Party events.

For guests, we offer a wonderful variety of dining and social experiences. Plus an easy way to meet new, interesting people.

It all starts with the hosts. Once they’ve filled out an application and have been vetted and approved, they have creative control on the DinDin Party they want to create. They then can fill out their DinDin Party listing. It can be all about the food, focused on fun and games, or a combination of both. It can be a themed party, a gourmet meal, a cooking class and dinner, an evening of entertainment and music with scrumptious appetizers. There’s no limit to the creativity a host can bring to their DinDin Party.

Here are the steps that happen in the DinDin Party process from beginning to end.

  1. Host creates the DinDin Party menu, plans any activity or entertainment, and sets the date, time, place and price per guest and submits it to DinDin Party.
  2. Their DinDin Party is listed on website.
  3. Guests or the public at large search for DinDin Party events by date, location, cuisine, type of entertainment.
  4. Guest finds a DinDin Party they like and requests to book a seat(s) at DinDin Party event and enters their credit card.
  5. Host and guest can interact through private messaging service to ask/answer any questions.
  6. Once Host approves guest, guest credit card gets billed.
  7. At specific date and time, Guest meets at the Host’s home (or other designated location) for a social and dining experience like no other!
  8. Afterwards, Guests review Hosts and Host can review Guests.
  9. Two working days after their DinDin Party, Hosts get paid the price the guest paid for the seat minus 20% booking fee.

In the listing, the host sets the date, time, location and price per guest. DinDin Party adds a 20% booking fee on top of the price the host sets. So, if a host sets the price at $25 per guest, the guest will pay $30. The DinDin Party listing is then sent to Host Services at DinDin Party and then upon approval listed on the DinDin Party website.

Guest search for DinDin Party events near them or by date, cuisine or type of entertainment. They then review the host profiles and description of the DinDin Party. When they find one they like, they make a request to attend. (Note if the guest has not created a profile, the system will prompt them to do so now).

Once the guest has made the request, hosts and guests can interact beforehand through our private messaging system to get any questions answered. The Host has the option to approve all guests. Assuming the event has reached the minimum number of seats filled (as set by the host) 48 hours before the event, the exact location and the host contact information is given to all the approved guests.

At the specified date and time, guests meet at the host home (or another venue the host selected for the DinDin Party to take place) for a social and dining experience like no other!

Examples of DinDin Party Events:

  • Homemade lasagna dinner from an old family recipe followed by a game of charades.
  • Elegant 4-course gourmet meal from an undiscovered chef.
  • Game of Thrones Themed Party
  • Fans of an out of town team gathering for a game-watching party and a BBQ.
  • Vegan Cooking Class and Dinner

Once the DinDin Party is over guests rate and review the host and the host rates and reviews the guests.

Two business days later DinDin Party LLC pays the host the guest price they set for each guest who attended.

As guests continue to attend DinDin Party events, and hosts continue to host them, both can earn DinDin Dollars that can be used for discounted seats at future DinDin Party events. Plus, you can earn DinDin Party Badges for reaching certain milestones like getting 5-Star reviews.

To help grow the DinDin Party community we also ask you to share your experience with friends, family, and associates on your social media channels. And please use the hashtag #dindinparty so we can follow along!

As a Startup company, we’re focusing our launch in the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) area. From there our plans are to expand all over the United States and eventually the world. If you live outside of Dallas-Ft.Worth and feel you have the ability to market your own DinDin Party then you may apply to become a host. Just know that we most likely won’t be able to supply you with the traffic from your area like we will to those in the DFW area.

Trust and Safety

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The heart of DinDin Party is our community of Hosts and Guests who come together to break bread, laugh, talk, play and connect. To build a trusted community, Hosts need to feel safe welcoming new people into their home. Guests need to trust that Hosts are competent, capable. and provide a safe place for their events. And, both Hosts and Guests need to trust that DinDin Party will keep their privacy and financial information safe.

At DinDin Party, everyone’s safety is our highest priority. We’ve put several processes in place, from the time you visit our site, until well after the DinDin Party is over, to help foster building the kind of intimate and safe community we all can trust.

For Hosts:

  • Guests must register onsite.
  • A verified Guests option that requires photo proof of identification. (Earns DinDin Party badge).
  • Minimum of two guests from different addresses for the DinDin Party to occur.
  • Private Messaging System to ask Guests any questions.
  • Hosts can opt to manually approve each guest.
  • Guests pay ahead by credit card.
  • Guests are rated and reviewed by Hosts.

For Guests:

  • Each host is vetted and approved.
  • DinDin Party badges for completion of Accredited Food Handler Certificate.
  • Each host must create a profile with a personal photo.
  • Photo of the location of their DinDin Party on their event listing.
  • Private Messaging System to ask Host any questions.
  • Off-site credit card processing via Stripe, so no credit card information kept on
  • Hosts are rated and reviewed by Guests.

For more information visit our Trust and Safety Page If you have additional questions email [email protected]

We vet every host applicant on an individual basis. Each host’s home, menu and party plan is reviewed and approved by DinDin Party. We look at everything from the quality of the food, cleanliness of the home, and passion and experience of the host.

In addition, host profiles are required which will give you a better sense of the person who will be hosting your DinDin Party. Host badges can be earned for safety and other milestones.

Hosts are reviewed by guests after each event. This allows you to share feedback on hosts that others can review.

Together, this process allows guests to feel more comfortable about the person’s home they are going to for a DinDin Party.

A few things about safety. One, your safety main concern and highest priority. Two, we believe the vast majority of people are good. Three, people who commit crimes usually do so in the shadows when it’s easy to do. The processes we’ve put in place and the nature of a DinDin Party makes it highly likely that any person who attempts to commit a crime will be caught. Criminals don’t like being caught.

In terms of safety around guests, hosts can review guest profiles and guest reviews.

The host has final approval on each guest. Hosts have the option to manually approve each guest, automatically approve guests who are verified or automatically approve everyone (the latter is helpful in larger events).

Hosts and guests can privately converse through our private messaging system to get a better sense of each other prior to the event. Ask any questions and if for any reason you don’t feel right having a guest in your home, you have the ability to decline their booking.

The exact location of the DinDin Party event and the host contact information is only shared with approved guest 48 hours prior to the event taking place.

Finally, as a host, we recommend you take the following pro-active and practical measures to keep you and your possessions safe.

1) If possible, lock doors to rooms or areas that are off-limits to guests.

2) Before a DinDin Party event put any smaller valuables like a laptop computer, jewelry, money, or other items of worth out of sight and in a safe place.

3) If a guest behaves in a way that you don’t like, ask them to leave. If they won’t leave call the police. Also, mail us [email protected] to report any guest misbehavior. And of course, give them a review that details their behavior.

To further ensure the safety of both hosts and guests, we’ve created a policy that requires at least two guests from different addresses book a seat at a DinDin Party for a DinDin Party to occur. That allows at least a third person to be at any DinDin Party event.

All financial transactions are encrypted and handled through the DinDin Party website, therefore all financial information between hosts and guests remain private.

Payments are handled through the fully secured payment system developed by Stripe who processes millions of transactions daily. Therefore, DinDin Party LLC doesn’t store any credit card information on our website; giving your financial information another level of protection.

There are several things you can do to keep your DinDin Party safe.

  1. Make sure all valuables — especially smaller items like cash, laptops, smartphones or jewelry are out of sight and in a safe place.
  2. Lock or close doors to areas in your home that you want to be kept private.

  3. Do not share personal information on when you are traveling or usually away from home.

  4. In the rare case that a guest behaves in a way you don’t feel is appropriate, first ask them to stop. If they continue you have the right to ask them to leave. If they won’t leave call the police. Also, email us [email protected] to report any guest misbehavior. And of course, give them a review that details their behavior.

  5. Keep all transactions and correspondence on the website. DinDin Party LLC cannot verify the validity of any person or transaction done outside our system. Keeping it within our system ensures that you uphold our terms of service, and helps ensure the safety of everyone.

Host FAQs

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When you start out as a DinDin Party host, you may not fill out your first events unless you already have a strong circle of influence online or offline.

While we will do our best to bring traffic to the site where your listing can be found, it’s really important to build your own following. To do that takes time as you need to receive some good reviews and get word of mouth going. To promote your DinDin Party and build yourself as a successful DinDin Party host we recommend doing the following.

  1. Offer Lower Prices. Start your initial DinDin Party events at a lower price to get the first people in and to start earning some positive reviews.
  2. Host Smaller Groups. In the beginning, consider hosting smaller groups by setting your minimum seats at 2-4.
  3. Invite Friends. People you know are the best place to start. They know you and trust you! Have friends attend your event and leave reviews.
  4. Promote on Social Media: Share your events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites you belong to. Posting regularly can help get the word out. Don’t forget to use the #dindinparty hashtag so we can follow along and share your posts.
  5. Create a Flyer: Share flyers about your DinDin Party event with people you come across in daily life. Post them at coffee shops or community billboards.
  6. Reach out to the local foodie community through food-related Facebook Groups, Meetups, Food bloggers, and websites. Foodies love to hear about new foodie trends and can help you get the word out.
  7. Regularly visit our Host Hangout Facebook Group (private group only available to other approved DinDin Party hosts) to see what other hosts are doing to successfully promote their DinDin Party events.
  8. Use our DinDin Party Marketing tools. Soon we will be adding a variety of marketing tools you can use to promote your DinDin Party. You’ll find them in the Resources section of your dashboard when you log in.

With each successful DinDin Party you host, and with each review, you build your reputation and brand. And as you do that, word of mouth will spread, and the quicker your events will sell out and the higher price you’ll be able to ask per seat.

The short answer is no. When you create your listing you will be able to designate the type of location your DinDin Party will be held. You can choose from the following venues:


Commercial Site





Pop-Up Space


For those in a small Apartment, check your apartment complex, some have large spaces and even kitchens that can be used by tenants. You can also choose to co-host with someone and have the DinDin Party at their place if needed.

Anyone who loves to cook, entertain, meet new people; who finds it easy to make conversation and has the right space to host, would make a good DinDin Party host.

That said, to become a Host you must go through a vetting process. We vet each host individually and review each application manually. What we are looking for is the type of DinDin Party events you would like to host. How often you want to host. A sample menu and photos of your food. Your culinary experiences or other past experiences that would help us see your passion for hosting. And finally, photo(s) of you and your home or the place the DinDin Party will be held.

You want to complete the application as fully as possible.

To apply to become a Host:

  1. Select Become a Host at the top of the DinDin Party homepage.
  2. Select Apply to be a Host
  3. Fill out the Host Application
  4. Select Continue
  5. Your application has now been submitted for review.

You should receive a reply within 48 hours (or 2 business days).

Upon approval, you can create and publish your DinDin Party event.

It is perfectly legal to host guests in your home for a DinDin Party. The payment you receive is compensation for the time you spent preparing the event and to cover costs of ingredients. DinDin Party events are not subject to the same regulations as restaurants. We are a social network platform that facilitates the interactions between hosts and guest.

We do encourage hosts to be knowledgeable about food safety standards. In fact, we award a Food Safety badge for any host that completes a Food Handler Certification. (You can take the training online for as little as $10. In Texas go to

Please consider your state tax regulations in respect to the money you earn from hosting guests.

As the Host, you set the price per guest. We add a 20% booking fee to the price you set, which the guest then pays. So if you set the price at $25, we will add 20% to that (i.e. $5) and each guest would pay $30

Of the $30 you get the $25 and we get $5. So with a DinDin Party that had six guests, you would earn $150 ($25 x 6).

You get paid for each guest who attends at the price you set by Direct Deposit into your Bank or Pay Pal account within (2 business days) after your DinDin Party.

Note: Make sure to provide us with your bank or Pay Pal information under the Profile section when you log in.

As a host, you determine the price per guest. The amount should include the cost of your ingredients, plus time spent shopping, decorating, preparing, and cleaning up. Also consider your experience level, the complexity of the event you are creating and what the market would bear. If the focus of your event is on the meal itself, ideally you want to be slightly under what someone would pay for a comparable restaurant meal.

If the focus of your event is on the meal itself, ideally you want to be slightly under what someone would pay for a comparable restaurant meal.

The more detail you put into your menu and DinDin Party description, and the more creativity you bring to your DinDin Party event, the more you will be able to charge. An elaborate Murder Mystery DinDin Party would most likely cost more than a football game watching party with appetizers.

If you’re just starting out you might go slightly lower and then charge more as you build your reputation. You can also look at what other hosts are charging for similar meals on the DinDin Party home page.

At the end of the day, the market will decide. Make the price worth your while and worth it for your guests! Feel free to contact [email protected] if you need further guidance on setting the price.

Here are some suggestions for levels for your guidance:

$10-$20: Movie or game night with heavy appetizers or hors d’oevres
$20-$40: Standard DinDin Party 4 course dinner
$40-$75: Deluxe DinDin Party experience, includes a cooking class, heavily themed party or entertainment
$75+: Exclusive DinDin Party experience, such as gourmet chef, headlining entertainment, or charity fundraiser.

You have control on who to accept or deny—no questions asked. We do require you respond to a guest booking request within 48 hours. Otherwise, the reservation will automatically be canceled.

We also realize for certain events it may be too cumbersome to approve every guest. So you have the option in your settings for the event to set the following approvals.

1. I must approve each guest.

2. I automatically approve all verified guests.

3. I automatically approve all guest request.

You also have the option to take on last-minute guests for your DinDin Party. In that situation, guests would automatically be approved.

Absolutely! You’ll set those rules in the General Host Profile, and/or when you create a DinDin Party event. For example, for each event you host, you can define General Rules such as no smoking, shoes off inside etc. And for a specific DinDin Party, you can select to have only men or only women. Or only people of a certain age.

We do not, however, allow House Rules based on race, color, religion (creed) national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, or military status

We recommend at least two weeks, and ideally a month in advance – especially now when we are just getting started. This gives you more time to share your event with your network of family and friends. And for your event listing to show up longer on

Also, we may advertise your event in an email or in other places, and this gives us time to plan for this. As you get more established and build a following you’ll be able to post an event with less advance time.

First, breathe. This too shall pass. If a meal is totally ruined consider ordering similar cuisine from a good restaurant nearby to be delivered. Let your guests fully know the situation, people, in general, are understanding if you are honest and upfront with them. Feel free to contact [email protected] with questions or to get advice. If you had entertainment planned for later consider doing that first while you wait for a food delivery.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen that may be required to cancel your DinDin Party. As a courtesy to us and your guests, we ask that you contact us IN ADVANCE by emailing us at [email protected] with the word CANCEL in the subject line of the email.

If you cancel your DinDin Party with less than 2 days’ notice, we will review the situation, and reserve the right to revoke hosting privileges.

Guest FAQs

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You don’t need a profile to search DinDin Party events. However, to book a seat at a DinDin Party creating a guest profile is required. Registering as a Guest is free.

DinDin Party is a social network connecting hosts and guests, so your profile allows you to become part of a community. It is also the key to allow you to access other features on the website, like paying for a seat, giving and receiving reviews and access to your private guest page.

Your profile is anecessary for your safety and the security of the DinDin Party community. You want to know who your host is and they want to know a little bit about you. Filling out a profile makes for a more fun and interesting DinDin Party.

Filling out a profile makes for a more fun and interesting DinDin Party. The more detail you give your profile, the more opportunities you’ll have to connect with people who share your interests in food and fun. With a fully completed guest profile, you even have the option to allow hosts to invite you to a DinDin Party that matches your interests.

With your completed profile, you’ll also have access to your private account page that keeps track of the events you’ve attended. Access to our private instant messaging system where you connect with your host beforehand to ask questions or receive up-to-date information about the event you plan to attend.

Safety for both guests and hosts is our highest priority. As a verified guest, hosts will know that you have uploaded a photo ID to prove your identity before coming to their home. Some hosts require all guests to be verified to attend an event. So, as a verified guest you’ll have access to more DinDin Party events. Plus, only verified guests are eligible to earn DinDin Dollars that can add up to free seats at a DinDin Party event and other rewards.

You can search DinDin Party event listings by location, date, time and as we grow our community and add more listings you can do advanced searches by cuisine or entertainment.

You can click any listing to bring up the listing page that has all the details about your host and the DinDin Party.

Once you find a DinDin Party you want to attend, choose your number of Guests and BOOK THE EVENT.

You will then be asked to enter your credit card information. Note: Credit cards are securely processed off-site through Stripe, one of the nation’s top credit card processors. Your credit card information is never kept on the DinDin Party website.

Note: If buying for others who do not have a DinDin Guest Profile, encourage them to create one.

Upon approval by Host, your seat(s) will be reserved. Once the minimum number of seats (designated by the host) are booked, the event will take place on the date and time you requested.

We vet every host applicant on an individual basis. Each host home, menu and party plan is reviewed and approved by DinDin Party. We look at everything from the quality of the food, cleanliness of the home, and passion and experience of the host.

In addition, host profiles are required which will give you a better sense of the person who will be hosting your DinDin Party. Host badges can be earned for safety and other milestone achievements.

Finally, hosts are reviewed by their guests after each event. This allows you to see feedback on hosts from other guests. If you have questions about the host you can contact them through our private messaging system, once you’ve booked a seat at a DinDin Party.

If you have concerns about a particular host please email us at [email protected]

As a registered guest, once you selected an event and made a booking, you will have access to communicate with the Host through our private messaging system. Use it to ask any questions, to get to know each other better, and/or to get updated on any information related to the DinDin Party.

Assuming you’ve been approved as a Guest by the host, when the DinDin Party you’ve booked reaches the minimum number of seats for the event to take place, your credit card will be billed.

Payments are handled through the fully secured payment systems used by Stripe who process millions of transactions daily. Therefore, DinDin Party LLC doesn’t store any credit card information on site, keeping your financial information safe.All financial transactions are encrypted and handled through the DinDin Party website, therefore all financial information between hosts and guests remain private.

All transactions are encrypted and handled through the DinDin Party website, therefore all financial information between hosts and guests remain private.

Please note: as per our Terms and Conditions, everything must be paid for online through the website. For the safety and security of all concerned, no money will be handled or transferred onsite at any DinDin Party event.

Most DinDin Party events will be BYOB or BYOW (bring your own wine), due to insurance liability of the hosts serving alcohol. The host can choose to offer alcohol, and if so, that will be included in the price. The host can also designate the DinDin Party as a non-alcohol event. Check the menu listing of the event to see how the host designated the event in regards to alcohol. If you have further questions you can contact the host through the DinDin Party messaging system.

On each DinDin Party listing, the host will list the more common dietary aspects and food allergies such as if the meal is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, contains shellfish etc. If you have dietary restrictions or a food allergy not covered, please contact the host directly through our messaging system about any concerns.

Please realize however that since the host is usually making one meal for all the guests, being able to meet the dietary needs of different guests most likely won’t be possible. If a DinDin Party event doesn’t meet your dietary needs consider choosing a different DinDin Party.

You can follow any host by clicking the heart on the Host’s public profile page. That will allow you to get notified when that host is hosting another DinDin Party. Also, if you check the option for Hosts to be able to invite you, the Host can personally invite you to their next event. (Please note the notification feature may not be available at the October 1st launch).