DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin For Your Fall Table Centerpiece

Are you interested in hosting a wine tasting DinDin Party event this fall? If you are a connoisseur of wine then you’ll love this DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin for a fall table centerpiece. This simple fall craft is fun to create and display on your dining table.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin for a Fall Table Centerpiece

Turn these inexpensive faux carvable pumpkins into a decorative centerpiece for your table. Start by removing the styrofoam stem from the pumpkins, then place on a safe surface for painting. We decided to use rose gold spray color to give the pumpkins an elegant look while keeping a fall hue.

You will need to spray paint both sides of the pumpkin. One coat on each side should be enough. The paint will be sticky so let the first coat fully dry for 30 minutes before flipping your pumpkins over.

You can dress-up your pumpkins as much as you like. We used two different faux fall leaves and a wine cork for the stem. Use a small dab of hot glue to hold the leaves in place.

When gluing your wine cork standing on top of your pumpkin as a stem, you’ll need to hold it into place for a minute or two.

Isn’t the rose gold beautiful? We just love that color for fall.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin Fall Table Centerpiece

Decorate your wine cart, wine bar, or as part of a fall table centerpiece with this Wine Cork Pumpkin craft. You can make it even fancier by adding some lace to your pumpkin. We displayed ours alongside our wine cork holder and sitting on burlap to bring together our fall decor.

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DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin Fall Table Centerpiece