DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern for under $5

This DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern makes decorating for a new season simple and inexpensive. For less than $5 we were able to make this centerpiece for our upcoming fall DinDin Party events. We love being able to refresh our dining room table with new decorations before each dinner party.

DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern

Supplies Needed:

  • Photo Frames – 4
  • Spray Paint – fall color of choice, we used gold
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

We painted four identical 8×10 frames gold. You can pick up inexpensive frames at your local dollar store or thrift store. Remove the backing and glass from each of your frames and lay on cardboard or another safe surface for painting.

Making the DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern Step 1

Once the gold paint dried we added a coat of textured paint to give a unique finish to our hurricane lantern. After all coats of paint were dry, it was time to add the glass back in. Since we were turning these ordinary photo frames into a hurricane lantern, we were not replacing the back of the frames. In order to hold the glass in place, we used hot glue.

Making the DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern - Step 2

After adding a thin layer of hot glue to the inside of your frame, press your sheet of glass into place. Hot glue dries quickly, so it should hold within 30 seconds.

Once all four frames have their glass secured in place, glue them together by lining up the opposite edge of each frame until you reach the desired look of a hurricane lantern, as shown in the photo.

Making the DIY Fall Hurricane Lantern Step 3

As you glue each frame to the next, hold into place for roughly one minute. You want to make sure they will not fall apart when standing.

Now comes the fun part, decorating the inside of your hurricane lantern centerpiece.

We used a battery-operated candle and faux fall foliage. You can get as creative as you wish. Fill your fall centerpiece with pinecones, acorns or mini pumpkins for a true fall look. Adding several candles at various heights looks beautiful, as well.

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