How to Host Your Dinner Party in A Small Space

Would you LOVE to host a DinDin Party, but live in a small apartment?  No worries! We have just the tips and tricks to maximize your space and create an enjoyable dinner party in a small space.

Small Space Hosting Tips:

Just do it!   Guests will remember most your hospitality, cuisine and great conversation with fellow DinDin party guests.  Hosting a dinner party, particularly among urban dwellers who are used to apartment living may not even give your guests a second thought. A small apartment space falls much lower in their memories if they enjoy a memorable evening.  In fact, your guests may not even think much about it if they are having such a wonderful time. Perfection is not required!

Maximize your space:   Don’t be afraid to move furniture and excess clutter to other rooms in your house. For example, if your dining room is small, perhaps move furniture into the living room and host your party there instead.    Move excess furniture into a bedroom or other unused room for the night.   Use existing furniture, such as a coffee table or end table to place appetizers and/or drinks on.   

Cover, hide and deflect:  If your home office shares the dining room, don’t hesitate to cover your desk with a sheet, decor, or hide behind a projector screen. If your party has a theme, you can play videos or pictures on the projector screen to add interest and ‘deflect’ from what’s behind the screen.

Trial Run:  Move your furniture into place as you intend for your DinDin party and sit in each seat:  Can you see everyone?  Can everyone move around comfortably?   This will determine your maximum number of guests.  You might only be able to comfortably host six guests seated and there is nothing wrong with this.  Instead of a seated dinner, perhaps you elect to do appetizers or a buffet and everyone can move around your living room instead of a table that takes up most of the room.   Your space can dictate the type of party that works best; a mix and mingle setup using a variety of chairs, couches, etc. or a more formal dining room table.

Tips on Hosting a Dinner Party in a Small Space

Expand your dining room table:   Add 1-2 inexpensive fold-up card tables to your dining room table to expand your seating.  Cover these with a tablecloth and decor and no one will either know or care that you are using card tables.

Designate a place for coats and bags. Spare bedroom?   Keep them out of your main dining area to maximize space.      

Avoid overdoing decor:   Too much decor on a dining room table can create clutter and make a small space appear smaller.  A few well-thought-out pieces are best. Less is more!

Natural light:  Open up curtains to allow natural light to come in, which will help your space look larger.

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