Dinner Party Conversation Games

Fun Dinner Party Conversation Starter Games

You’ve thoughtfully planned an easy menu that’s delicious but not intimidating. You have a drink selection that aims to please. After all, you want your DinDin Party to be about good food, refreshing drinks, and engaging conversations. But how do you ensure that all your guests feel welcomed and involved?

The reality is that not all are masters of small talk. As the party host, you may have to step in and create the perfect environment for your guests to open up, chat, and interact. The best way to bring your party guests together is with some conversation starter games. Here are three of our favorites.

Fun Dinner Party Conversation Starter Games:          Slip It In

Before your guests arrive, think of funny phrases and write them down on pieces of paper. Place them under each person’s plate. Once everyone is seated for dinner, have them read the phrase and keep what it says to themselves. Think creatively with quirky phrases such as:

  • The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.
  • I think you’re more Dothraki than Valyrian
  • …just like the time I bathed in Jello
  • I love the smell of burning plastic.
  • So déjà vu! I can guess what you’re going to say next.
  • Please pass the scorpions.
  • I’ve been studying Klingon for 3 weeks now.

Explain that they have to naturally slip their phrase into the conversation. The goal is not to be called out by the others. The hilarious part is seeing how long people can stick to their stories while trying to keep a straight face!

Fun Dinner Party Conversation Starter Games: Which Famous Person Am I?

Before the party, assign each of your guests a celebrity, but don’t spill who you’ve chosen for them. Write the celebrity names on ‘Hello, my name is…’ stickers and place them on the back of your guests’ shirts when they arrive. The point is that they don’t see the name written on the sticker. But do it with their permission, of course!

Encourage your guests to mingle and ask other guests questions about who they are. Boost the fun by approaching your guests and talking to them as though they are the celebrities! When you sit down for dinner, everyone gets a shot of guessing who they are. People who guess correctly get extra dessert!

Fun Dinner Party Conversation Starter Games:         Ask Me About…

Guests talking at dinner party

Get your guests to open up! Fill a small fishbowl with slips of paper with topics on them. Here are a few ideas:

  • My first kiss
  • The craziest thing I’ve ever done
  • My first job
  • Dream destination
  • My worst date ever
  • What I wanted to be growing up
  • The weirdest food I ever ate
  • My office crush

Pass the bowl around and let each guest pick a piece of paper. Everyone takes their turn sharing. If you have time, throw the paper back in the bowl and start again. You might learn something new and exciting about the people you thought you already knew so well!

When it comes to dinner party conversation starter games, remember to keep it fun and light. Try to avoid serious topics like politics or anything that may dampen the mood or lead to heated discussions. Now you’re ready to get the conversation flowing at your next dinner party!

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