Dinner Party Board Games

Dinner Party Board Game Ideas

Remember the best dinner parties you’ve ever hosted or attended. The odds are that there are similarities between each of those evenings. We’re not only talking about things like fine food and good company. There’s one more important element of an excellent dinner party: entertainment.

Even though general small talk, bonding or conversation games could serve as great entertainment, there are other options. Dinner party appropriate board games or card games can be what your guests need to break the ice and feel comfortable, especially if they don’t know the other newcomers that well. Let’s have a look at which board games work well in a dinner party setting:

Dinner Party Board Games - DinDin PartyDinner Party Board Games: Pictionary

Pictionary is a party game classic for a reason — it’s straightforward, easy to participate in, and it’s a perfect way to both start and end the evening. You can be creative with the teams, too: anything from two big groups to multiple teams of two, depending on how you want your guests to socialize.

One team member tries to explain a word via a drawing, while the other team members guess what it is. The competition can get intense and loud, though!

Dinner Party Board Games: Exploding Kittens

As a card game, Exploding Kittens is a little easier to set up. It’s great fun, fast-paced, and allows for as little or as much strategizing as you want. Depending on the number of players, a certain amount of exploding kitten cards mix into the stack.

The goal of the game is not to have a kitten explode in your turn, and instead make sure they end up in the hands of the opponents. There are also ways to defuse an exploding kitten card, look into the hand of your opponents, and much more.

Dinner Party Board Games: Taboo

Taboo is one of those games that is harder than it seems, but that’s what makes it fun in a dinner party setting. Players take turns drawing cards and explaining the word they get to their team. They have to make sure not to mention any of the common additional five words that they get on the card, and they can’t make any gestures to aid in the explanation. The point system is relatively simple: teams get points for each card they guess correctly, and for each card missed by the opposing team.

Dinner Party Board Games: Apples to Apples

A fast-paced and easy game to learn, Apples to Apples is another party favorite. It’s a card game where players take turns being “judges,” and the game objective for the other players is to select a card from their hand that would best represent the card played by the judge.

It is called the green apple card, and it’s usually descriptive, while red apple cards are usually objects, animals, people, etc. The game rewards quick thinking, and the judge decides which one of the offered cards matches their best.

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