DinDin Guest goodie bag including Cuban Coffee.

Our recap of the Havana Nights Cuban DinDin Party

Havana Night Cuban DinDin Party

The Havana Nights Cuban themed DinDin Party lived up to its name. Starting with the fun Cuban inspired table setting and the tostones (i.e. fried plantains) served as appetizers. To complete the Cuban atmosphere our host Katherine included a running slideshow of pictures taken from her trip to Cuba along with authentic Cuban music playing in the background throughout the night.

Havana Night Cuban DinDIn Party



In addition to the tostones, this authentic Cuban dinner party included a traditional Cuban meal of mojo chicken with rice and beans and boiled Yucca. During dinner, we learned more about Katherine’s travel experience to Cuba, the people and its culture. Which lead to a great conversation where we shared our own travel experiences.

Conversations flowed during Havana Nights Cuban DinDin Party

Conversations flowed around everything from ballroom and salsa dancing to Couchsurfing, and even to our host’s connection to baseball legend Babe Ruth.

Then dessert was served! We oohed and aahed over the presentation of meringue dulche de leche and pastelitos from the Cuban Bakery in Carrollton.

We oohed and ached over the presentation of dessert at the Havana Night Cuban dinner party.



New friends were made over Cuban Espresso. Cassidy (on the left) is a musician who also teaches salsa dancing. And now has applied to become a DinDin Party Host!

New friends over Cuban espresso at the Havana Nights Cuban DinDin Party

Everyone went home with a DinDin Party guest goodie bag featuring a cookie and authentic Cuban coffee (i.e. cafe con leche) from Manny’s Cortada.

DinDin Guest goodie bag including Cuban Coffee.

We had such a good time talking, we never got around to playing dominoes, one of the most popular games played in Cuba! Attending the Havana Night Cuban Dinner Party was a great way to spend a Tuesday night!


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