Crafty Ornament DinDin Party

DinDin Party Recap: Crafty Holiday Ornament Party

DinDin Party was pleased to partner with Julie of one of Dallas’ top food and craft bloggers, for a ladies’ holiday crafty party!

The Crafty Holiday Ornament DinDin Party was conceived by our host Julie as a ladies only event. A way to take time for ourselves as women during the holiday season to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and get into the Holiday spirit.

Between work, school, and family responsibilities, it was nice to take two hours of “girl time” to sit down and enjoy a fabulous home-cooked meal, make new friends, and create a holiday ornament to take home.

Holiday spirit decor at Crafty Ornament Party
Holiday spirit tablescape and placeholder

The Food

Julie’s lunch was delicious, home-cooked “comfort food”. Her mother in law was the cook for the afternoon and she’s also a professional caterer! (DinDin Party Host pro tip:  If you have a family member or friend who is a great cook, invite them to join you as a host assistant)!

We loved the fall ornamental salad, which included pomegranates, walnuts, greens, and apples- the perfect mix of sweet, savory and crunch. The chicken bundles and carrot bundles were wrapped in deliciousness. And the desserts were decadent:  pumpkin spice cake with pumpkin cream topping and southern pecan bundt cake with caramel topping.   We had a hard time choosing between them so we had a slice of both!

Here’s the menu Julie created for our DinDin Party.

Crafty Holiday Ornament Party Menu
Fall Ornamental Salad

Appetizer: Spiced Nuts, Fresh homemade bread with pumpkin butter

Salad: Fall Ornamental Salad with candied almonds, pomegranate seeds, apple slices, and crumbled cheese

Carrot bundles and rice pilaf
Side Dishes: Carrot Bundles (thinly sliced carrots wrapped with a green onion) and Rice Pilaf.
Chicken bundles
Main Dish: Chicken Bundles (chicken and cream cheese wrapped in a bread dough and baked).
Dessert: Pumpkin Spice Cake

Dessert: Pumpkin Spice Cake AND Southern Pecan Bundt Cake

Toppings – pumpkin cream and caramel.

Beverage: Hot Chocolate!

The Fun

After lunch, it was time to craft! As someone who does not craft normally, I loved that Julie’s Crafty Holiday Ornament DinDin Party was a great introduction to crafting that anyone could follow along and do. Making a handmade ornament doesn’t need to be overly complicated to look great.  And let’s face it, anything involving glitter is always fun. Just take the glitter outside to fill your ornament as we did, to avoid a mess inside the house!

We monogrammed and decorated several styles of ornaments. Julie has a choose from with glitter, stickers, craft markers, buttons, and beads.  If you’d like to do your own crafty ornament party at home, you likely can reuse many of the materials you may already have in your craft bin. Just purchase ball ornaments at your local craft store, for an economical but fun afternoon of crafting.

Crafty Holiday Ornament DinDin Party Recap

Holiday crafters decorated ornaments with monograms, glitter, and beads to make a new addition to our trees!

Monogrammed ornaments
DinDin Party gift bags

At the end of the afternoon, each guest received a DinDin Party gift bag that included custom stamped jewelry by local artisans at High Caliber Designs (Arlington, TX) and ornamental cookies by  Cookies Plz (Benbrook, TX).

It was the perfect afternoon to start the Holiday Season!

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