Best Muffin Recipes

The Best Muffin Recipes for Brunch

Interested in hosting a brunch DinDin Party? Let us help you plan the perfect menu. We gathered 23 of the best muffin recipes for you to serve at your upcoming brunch event.

blueberry muffin recipes

Best Muffin Recipes for Brunch

You can set up a variety of different muffins and make it a muffin bar for your guests. From fruit muffins to chocolate muffins, we have you covered. A DinDin Party Event is about more than just the food. We encourage our hosts to get excited about meeting other locals and having great conversations. Spending time at a dinner table is best enjoyed with companions, breaking bread. Or in this case, breaking open a nice delicious muffin. Muffins are great for brunch, but as you’ll see with the recipes below, some could make a great dessert. Others even as part of an appetizer! 

Best Muffin Recipes: Berries

When we think of muffins we picture blueberry! They are so popular. How about serving your vegan crowd with this berry coconut vegan muffin recipe?

vegan muffin recipe

Best Muffin Recipes: Nuts

We are taking banana nut muffins to a whole new level with this oatmeal muffin recipe.

Banana Nut Muffin from Best Muffin Recipes

Best Muffin Recipes: Fruit

Cinnamon, sugar, and apples all baked together as one? It’s a glaze you will not want to miss.

Best Muffin Recipes: Chocolate

You can never go wrong serving chocolate muffins. 

Chocolate Muffins from the Best Muffin Recipes

Which muffin recipe are you most excited to try or serve at your DinDin Party brunch? Do you have a favorite muffin recipe that we forgot to include? Share with us in the comments on this post or head over to chat party planning on our DinDin Party Facebook page.

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Best Muffin Recipes

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