Top Fall Dinner Party Themes

Are you planning a sophisticated dinner party for the fall season? This is the best season to entertain guests because the weather is just right for enjoying both indoor and outdoor time together. If you are looking for the best Fall dinner party themes then read on for a list of great ideas that will have you inspired to start planning.

Bonfire Dinner Party

Perhaps you want to remove sophisticated and go for a more relaxed outdoor dinner party event. Fall is the perfect season to host a bonfire dinner party theme. If you can’t host a full on bonfire, think of making a decorative fire pit to host a campfire dinner party. The meal plan for this setup would be more casual versus formal with burgers or steaks and s’mores. A bonfire dinner party theme will take guests back to childhood and inspire friendly conversation.

Bonfire Dinner Party Theme

Fall Harvest

Between apples, pumpkins, squashes, and mushrooms there’s nothing more elegant than opting for a Fall harvest dinner theme. This is the perfect way to enjoy your harvest from summer gardening and entertain guests with a farm to table meal plan. Opt for a natural color theme such as tones of orange or yellow that makes your dinner party guests feel warm and welcome.

During your Fall Harvest dinner party you can blend fall flavors to make a variety of recipes or keep one main ingredient across all dishes. Such as pumpkin pasta, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Seafood Bake

Fall is one of the best seasons to host a seafood bake dinner party. Click here to see a slide show that showcases just how you can plan this seafood bake dinner party theme. The first tip is what you boil your food in. Guests will be quite entertained and leave your dinner party feeling fulfilled when you opt to host a seafood bake in the Fall season.

Seafood Bake Dinner Party

Soup Dinner Party

When one thinks of the Fall season they often think of wholehearted meals and soups. Hosting a soup dinner party event will certainly allow you to get in touch with your creative meal planning side. Think of chili, roasted chicken wild rice soup or perhaps butternut squash bisque. Consider a flatbread and vegetable sticks to start for simple appetizers along with hummus. To end the meal you could make these delicious pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.

Flash Back to the Past

Just because school is back in session for the children doesn’t mean they get all the fun with their friends. Host a Flash Back Dinner Party for your guests. Whether it is a disco party or an 80’s theme, your guests will flash back to their school days this fall and have a great time doing so.

Flashback Dinner Party Theme

There really is so much you can do in the Fall season when hosting a dinner party. The list of Fall dinner party themes can go on and on. Take the time to think about the mood you wish to set at your next dinner party this Fall season and run with it. The creativity is endless during this crisp, relaxing season.

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