Fun Adult Halloween Party Games

Party games aren’t just for kids, there are many fun adult Halloween party games you can play at your upcoming DinDin Party event. Today we showcase a handful of ideas to entertaining guests, mingling and enjoying yourself during your Halloween party.

Adult Halloween Party Games

Adult Halloween Party Games

Guess the Villain

This will take you down memory lane as you assign each guest a villain name from an old horror film. Guests have a name tag placed upon their back and then they ask the other guests in attendance questions to try to determine who they are from an old horror flick. The best way to assure this game is successful is to create a list of horror films you’ve pulled the villain’s name from so your guests have some idea of which villains were included on the name tags.

Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

The perfect fun adventure for your dinner party guests would be a Halloween themed scavenger hunt. Have guests pick a card with another guests name on it at random out of a basket. Once each guest is teamed up with another person, each will be given a list of Halloween themed items to find. Inexpensive Halloween items like black cats, creepy crawlers, ghosts and goblins, Halloween candy etc, can be found at most dollar stores. The team that finds their full list of items first wins.

Horror Movie Trivia

Get your spook on with this adult Halloween Party Game. Create cards that have horror movie trivia facts on them. Spice this up a bit by having drinks at the table, each guest takes turns picking up a trivia card and if they pick correctly then they can choose a drink of their choice. Make this horror movie trivia game, even more, fun by adding “gross” Halloween themed drink options for those who can’t answer the trivia question correctly.

Trick or Treat

This is perfect for your next alcohol-friendly Halloween dinner party event. Take a basket and fill it with mini alcohol bottles, but the trick is some of these bottles will have water or similar substance that isn’t alcohol in it versus the actual alcohol. Guests will take turns picking a bottle and guessing if the bottle is a trick or treat, then try to drink the fluid. You may also do this trick or treat game with Jell-O shots and glasses to cut down on costs involved in the price of mini alcohol bottles. Your guests do not have to drink the entire bottle, to prevent intoxication, they can just sample it then save as a party favor to take home.

Murder Mystery

Select a murder mystery theme from this list for a fun and interactive adult Halloween party game. Guests will play a character and specific role during this adult Halloween dinner party event. Have fun as your guests work to mingle in a creepy way for your Halloween themed party. This is a great way to get your spook on and entice guests to use their creative minds. Most people love a good mystery, so why not have a murder mystery game at your next dinner party?

Now you have it 5 adult Halloween party games that you can plan to enjoy during your next Halloween DinDin Party event. Having some games in mind for your guests allows for less silent time and more mingling as you all work to get to know each other.

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