What is a DinDin Party?

Piano playing din din party

A new way to meet, dine, interact and have fun.

DinDin Party is a social network that connects hosts who love to cook, entertain (and get paid for it) with guests who love to eat and have fun, for a unique social and dining experience in the comfort of a host’s home (or a special place offered by the host).

At a DinDin Party, you’ll enjoy homemade meals ranging from old family recipes to modern culinary delights. Share interesting conversations. Engage in party games or other forms of entertainment. Hosts create the menu and the experience. Sets the date, time, location and price per guest. And brings their own creativity to the DinDin Party, so no event is ever the same!

Our Mission

We create a better world by bringing all types of people together to break bread, laugh, play and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Our Beliefs

We believe the simple act of people eating, conversing and playing together at a DinDin Party will positively and profoundly better our world.

We believe everyone has a story to tell, smile to share, perspective to offer.
And that gathering around a table is a perfect place for your voice to get heard. DinDin Party brings back the art of conversation, because humor, ideas, observations and insights are important and you’ve got something to say.

We believe DinDin Party Creates the Space for New Lifelong Friends.
Unlike a restaurant where you’re alone or only talk to those you came with, a DinDin Party comes filled with possibilities to meet new interesting people. Some who you’ll want to stay in touch with; some who can grow into friendships that last a lifetime.

We believe Every Host has Something Special to Share.
From grandmas with secret family recipes to millennials who love to cook. Professional chefs looking for a secondary source of income to undiscovered whizzes in the kitchen. To those special people who can throw a party like no other. Each host brings their creativity, culinary and social talents to their DinDin Party. Creating a special experience you won’t find anywhere else.

We believe Every Hungry Guest Deserves a Home-Cooked Meal.
For those who don’t want to cook today, don’t want to eat alone, or who just want to get out of the house and have fun, we believe DinDin Party offers both the joy of a home cooked meal and an excellent way to meet new interesting people.

We believe in Fun and Games.
A DinDin Party is more than just the food. You can get great food at a fine dining restaurant. DinDin Party is also the interesting conversations you’ll share. The games you’ll play. The surprises you’ll experience and the fun you’ll enjoy. For artists, comedians, musicians, storytellers, poets, and entertainers of all stripes, hosting a DinDin Party allows you to do what you love to do most – perform –in front of new audiences and to connect more intimately with existing fans.

We believe Travelers Deserve a Richer Local Experience.
Whether you’re a business traveler, a tourist, or recently moved to town, DinDin Party offers you the opportunity to experience the local community and culture in a richer, more personal way that’s hard to find anywhere else. We believe a DinDin Party is a Better Date Night. In fact, we believe couples might have such a good time hosting or attending a DinDin Party it could change the whole date-night-out routine. We believe new engaging experiences are what keeps relationships fresh.

We believe DinDin Party is Great Way to Experience Community.
If you’ve recently moved to town, we believe hosting or attending a DinDin Party offers one of the easiest and fastest way possible to get to know people in your community. And if you’re well-established in your community DinDin Party offers you a way to fundraise for your favorite cause, create a salon, network, start a book or movie club, or whatever else you’d like to see in your town.

We believe Everyone Should Have a Home to Go To.
Homelessness is the antithesis to what DinDin party is all about. As part of our Mission we’re going to shine the light on the plight of the homeless. And do our part to help feed the homeless and support their efforts to live in a home of their own. For more information on DinDin Party, visit dindinparty.com/contact.