A Taste of Poland DinDin Party

DinDin Party’s latest event was a Taste of Poland Night.  The party featured a sampling of traditional Polish foods, hosted by DinDin Party host Katherine in North Dallas.   

Taste of Poland
A Polish Sampler Platter

Taste of Poland Menu

Placki Ziemniaczane     

Traditional potato pancakes served with applesauce and sour cream.  

Pierogi domowe

Main Dish
Traditional Polish pierogi dumplings, stuffed with potato and cheese, mushrooms, or sauerkraut.

Bukiet Surówek         

Side Dish
A sampler of Polish salads: Coleslaw, cucumber salad, and red cabbage salad


Main Dish
Open-Faced Polish Sandwich, with cheese and pickles on top of a spread.

Smazona kielbasa

Main Dish
Grilled Polish sausage
Taste of Poland Tablescape
A Taste of Poland Tablescape

Fruit pierogi

Strawberry Dessert pierogi and traditional Polish chocolates.
The Polish food was nicely laid out on a three-tiered serving tray which made it easy to sample the various dishes. 
Taste of Poland Guests
Some of our Taste of Poland guests
Most of the guests were new to DinDin Party and new to the Dallas area.  Guests included an artist, a retiree, an executive assistant and a home business owner.
Since everyone was a bit of a foodie, conversations centered about sharing favorite foodie experiences and learning about upcoming foodie events. 
There was also a lot of talk about travel
with everyone sharing stories of their travels in Europe, including Poland. 
The Taste of Poland DinDin Party provided a memorable night of meeting new people enjoying homemade Polish food and connecting through our love of food and travel. We look forward to seeing our new friends at upcoming DinDin Party events.
DinDin Party was founded in October 2017 on the idea that life’s better when we DinDin Party together. Our Mission is to bring people in surrounding communities together for dinner parties hosted by people who love to cook and entertain. To learn more about becoming a DinDin Party Host or Guest visit our website.