7 Quick and Easy Place Card Holders

Will you be hosting a DinDin Party soon? If so, place card holders can add lots of charm as well as organization to your table. If you want to use place card holders but don’t feel like they are in the budget, you can easily make your own. Look at these 7 items that make for quick and easy place card holders, and see how simple it can be to get your table looking great for less.


You can spray paint the pinecones in various colors of silver, gold, or copper. You can even leave them plain or use basic craft paint. Write names on a small piece of paper and tuck them into the grooves the of the pinecone until secure. Display on each dinner plate as needed.

Wine Corks

You can leave the wine cork plain or even paint them with spray paint or craft paint. You can then write names directly on the wine cork with a marker. Or, you can attach the name to a toothpick and push the toothpick into the wine cork for display.

Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins make excellent place card holders. You can paint them with craft paint or just leave plain before writing names on them with a marker. You can find these mini pumpkins for as little as a quarter, so they make for a budget-friendly option.


Go for a walk and find colorful leaves. Place them under a heavy book to help them lay flat. Then use a marker to write the names directly on the leaf. You can then place the leaf on the plate of each guest. Each one will be unique if you choose various colors! Plus, just collecting them is fun!


Twigs are plentiful and free, which makes them excellent place card holders. Gather a small bundle of sticks and tie some colorful twine around them. You can then write names on a piece of paper, poke a hole, and run an additional piece of twine. Tie the bundle together and you have a rustic place card holder.

Twigs -

Paint Chips

Grab paint chip/samples from the hardware store in various colors of fall. You can then cut them into a rectangle and write names directly on the cards. This is a super frugal way to bring in some color and create some fun place card holders.

Mason Jars

Swipe each mason jar with some chalkboard paint. Allow drying. You can then write names directly onto the paint with white chalk. This way, you can not only give guests a place card marker, but you can use the glasses for beverages.

Are you ready to create some fun and frugal place card holders? Consider these DIY place card holders and see how they can brighten up your table while adding some organization too.

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7 Quick and Easy Place Card Holders