7 Easy Party Games at Thanksgiving Table

You put so much work into your holiday DinDin Party, why just eat and run? Instead, think about games you could play around the table to keep the fun going a little longer. These 7 easy party games at Thanksgiving dinner table are a great way to keep guests entertained and interacting long after the turkey is gone. Give them a try and see how much post-dinner fun you can have!

Thanksgiving Memories – True or False

Do you have a crazy Thanksgiving memory to share? If so, or even if not, have guests share a memory (real or made up) and allow guests to decide if it is true or false. But be careful, you might just find that even the most outrageous tales are in fact true!

Thanksgiving Rhyming Words

Have a guest choose a Thanksgiving-related word such as pilgrim, turkey, corn. Then, go around the table and have each guest say a word that rhymes with it. The first person unable to think of a word is out. Keep eliminating until one person is left.


Remember the good old fashioned game of telephone from your childhood? Have a guest choose a fun sentence and whisper it to the person next to him or her. Have the sentence make its way around the table in the same fashion. The last person needs to repeat the sentence. See how much it has changed! This game is even more hilarious played as adults than you’ll remember from when you were a kid.

Pass the Potato

Get a sweet potato and pass it to a guest you have a question for. It can be a trivia question made up ahead of time if you wish. Once they answer, they can then ask their own question and pass the potato on to another guest of their choice. This is another fun way to get to know your DinDin Party guests, you can ask a semi-personal question to keep the conversation flowing.

Wild Facts

Everyone seems to know wild random facts. See if the guests at the table have a random wild fact to share. If someone else has already heard this fact, give the fact giver a point per person. Whoever has the most points at the end loses. The idea is to give a fact no one has heard of before.

Forehead Fun

Write down a fun word on a sticky note. Have a guest place it on their head unseen. Let the person wearing the sticky note try to guess what the word is based on clues other people at the table give them. Once they guess the word, repeat with another guest until everyone has had a turn. If you wish, you can even do this in teams.

Thankful Placemats

This idea is more of an activity than a game, however, it is a great way to get to know your DinDin Party guests. You can create placemats by simply cutting fall decorative scrapbook paper in the rectangle shape of a placemat and providing your guests with sharpies or colored pens to write a list of things they are thankful for. You can make it a game by seeing which guests can list the most reasons they are thankful and take turns sharing before dessert.

Are you ready for some holiday fun? It doesn’t have to be expensive in order to keep guests entertained. Consider these 7 easy table games to enjoy at your Thanksgiving DinDin Party and see if they can add some entertainment to your table!

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