21 Reasons Why Hosting a DinDin Party is a Great Idea

You’ll find hosting a DinDin Party exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. You plan the theme, menu, and any entertainment or activity. Then welcome your new group of friends to your DinDin Party. Even better, you earn money doing it! If you’re entertaining the idea of becoming a DinDin Party Host, here are 21 good reasons why you should do it:


21 Reasons to Become a Dinner Party Host

Fuel Your Creativity

  • Passion. If you are passionate about entertaining, hosting a DinDin Party makes it easy to express your passion and creativity while enjoying a great time.
  • Practice Your Culinary Art. Always dream of owning a restaurant? Or perhaps you’re a cook at a restaurant and want the opportunity to create your own menu?  Maybe you just love showing off your cooking skills. As a DinDin Party host, you can put the spotlight on your culinary creations and receive lots of recognition and feedback.
  • Show Off Your Dećor Skills. Love decorating and putting together party plans? If you do not consider yourself a savvy chef, team up with someone who loves to cook, and throw a DinDin Party together!
  • Build Your Brand. Are you an upcoming chef? A YouTube Star with a cooking show? A cookbook author? Recipe maker? Food blogger? Hosting DinDin Party events are an excellent way to grow your audience, connect with fans, and create a new stream of income.
  • Share Family Legacy. Did your childhood relatives or neighbors flock to your home to enjoy grandma’s lasagna? Do you have a family recipe passed down for generations that’s always a hit? Share your tried and true family recipes with a new crowd of eager foodies.


21 Reasons to Become a DinDin Party Host

New Adventures

  • Earn Income. Make extra money while having fun with new people in a safe and secure way. You set the price per guest and we pay you on the price you set!
  • Meet New People. Whether you’re an introvert, single or an empty nester, hosting a DinDin Party is an easy way to meet new people over food, conversation, and fun, in the comfort of your home.
  • Get Adult Time. Spending too much time with the little ones and craving adult conversation? Hosting a DinDin Party gives you a room full of interesting adults having adult conversations!
  • Share and Learn About New Cultures. If you are from another country share your culture. If you want to learn more about another culture set a theme and menu around the cuisine and culture from another land and invite guests to share in the experience.
  • Connect With Other Couples. Branch out to find more couples to dine with. Host a couples night in.
  • New in Town, Single, Empty Nester. Why dine alone when you can host a room full of fun, interesting people?


Hosting a DinDin Party is a lot of fun.

Entertaining Possibilities

  • Put Your Game Face On. Make your DinDin Party a game playing event. You can play that new game you’ve always wanted to try. Or find new competitors to challenge you on your favorite card or
    board game. Or forget the competition altogether and go for a laugh-out-loud party game.
  • Show Off Your Performing Skills. Host a karaoke night to bring the performance to your living room. Or play an intimate concert for a small group of DinDin Party guests. No matter what your talent, hosting a DinDin Party is a great way to showcase your skills.
  • Connect With Like-Minded Fans. Calling all sports fans. Find other fans in the area, even if your team is not local. Whip up some appetizers, or tailgate in your backyard for a game-watching
    DinDin Party!
  • Unique Themed Experiences. From Murder Mystery to Retro 80’s party, DinDin Party gives you the platform to host a unique experience for your guests.


DinDin Party Hosts get phenomenal support.

DinDin Party Support

  • Planning Help and Phenomenal Support. As DinDin Party Host you receive a Host Guide to support you through the process of planning a successful DinDin Party. 24/7 Help Desk to answer your FAQ’s. And a special host services email to answer your personal questions.
  • Trust and Safety. Creating a safe place for you to host your DinDin Party is a top priority. See our Trust and Safety Page for more details on how we keep DinDin Party events safe.
  • Private Messaging. You can securely chat privately (first name basis only) with potential guests through the DinDin Party private messaging system to learn more about your guests.
  • You Set the Terms. At DinDin Party we provide the support and vehicle to host your dinner party while you remain in control of the rest. You can set house rules. Plus set the date, time and place of your DinDin Party, the menu, fun, and price per guest.
  • No Money Worries. We handle all the money so you can focus on the food and the fun. We securely handle all guest credit card transactions. Take care of the credit card fees. And deposit your payment directly to your bank or PayPal account within two business days following your DinDin Party.
  • Host Hangout Facebook Group. Every approved Host gets access to a Private Facebook group where you can pick up hosting tips, share successes and get questions answered.

Let’s Get the DinDin Party Started!

These 21 reasons to host a DinDin Party only cover the basics. There are many other intangible benefits and delights of hosting a DinDin Party for you to discover.

We hope you’ll join us in this fun and rewarding endeavor. We believe the simple act of people getting people together to eat, converse and play will make our world a better place to live. Learn more about the DinDin Party Mission and What We Believe.

To learn more or to apply to become a DinDin Party Host CLICK HERE.