13 Watermelon Recipes

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day and to celebrate we are sharing 13 of our favorite watermelon recipes! Watermelon is delicious to serve at your DinDin Party beyond adding to a fruit tray. Try one of these watermelon recipes from some of the top food bloggers.

National Watermelon Day Recipes


Watermelon Pizza with Feta, Mint and Balsamic

Watermelon made into pizza? Oh my, my. This is a fun and creative recipe that is perfect for dishing up this summer. You can toss a few slices of watermelon on your grill at your next cookout and top with your feta and mint.

Find out how to make this watermelon pizza recipe.

Watermelon and Mint Lemonade

Nothing is better to quench your thirst during the hot summer heat than a nice glass of ice cold lemonade. Transform an ordinary glass of lemonade with this watermelon and mint recipe. You can even serve your DinDin Party guests the option of spiked lemonade!

Find out how to make this watermelon and mint lemonade recipe.

Watermelon Sangria Popsicles

Speaking of the hot Texas heat, these homemade watermelon boozy popsicles will be a hit among your party guests. Made with fresh sliced watermelon, they bring the summer flavors to life. Toss in your favorite sangria mixture and freeze. These make a wonderful addition to your backyard cookouts.

Find out how to make the watermelon sangria popsicles.

Watermelon Blackberry Mojito Smoothie

This recipe doubles as a refreshing cocktail and a dessert smoothie. The main ingredient may be watermelon but the hints of blackberry and mint leaves shine through. Your guests will be impressed with your mojito game when serving this watermelon party cocktail.

Find out how to make the watermelon blackberry mojito smoothie.

Watermelon Salad

A salad can be served alongside any main course. Dish-up mixed spring greens and top with fresh diced watermelon, blueberries and feta cheese. The sweetness of the watermelon kicks it up a notch.

Find out how to make this watermelon salad recipe.

Easy Watermelon Mojito

It doesn’t have to take much work to make a cocktail look fancy. This simple watermelon mojito recipe is sure to wow your guests. A little watermelon, lime, mint…

You can make up a full batch to serve ahead of time or mix each glass individually upon serving.

Find out how to make this watermelon mojito recipe.

Fresh Watermelon Salsa

Have you ever had watermelon and jalapeño together? It’s amazing.

This homemade watermelon salsa features light summer flavors from fresh cucumbers and watermelon mixed with the spice of diced onion and jalapeño. This isn’t your average salsa, this is ‘impress your guests’ salsa!

Find out how to make this watermelon salsa.

Watermelon Cooler

With three separate layers this cocktail looks as good as it tastes. Get fancy by scooping small balls of watermelon to dress up the drink. Place the watermelon balls in the freezer two hours before serving to keep the cocktails cold during your party.

Find out how to make this watermelon cooler recipe.

Watermelon Whiskey Cocktail

Are your guests whiskey drinkers? Regardless, they are sure to enjoy this watermelon whiskey cocktail.

You can juice a fresh watermelon or supplement with pre-purchased juice and garnish with a fresh slice. Add ginger ale as your base and mix with whiskey. Garnish with fresh slices of cucumber for the fresh crisp taste.

Find out how to make this watermelon whiskey cocktail recipe.

Easy Watermelon Sorbet

After serving your dinner party guests watermelon pizza alongside watermelon salsa and paired with one of the many watermelon cocktails, it is time to bring out the dessert. You only need three ingredients to make watermelon sorbet.

Find out how to make this easy watermelon sorbet recipe.

Watermelon Aqua Fresca

For your guests that do not drink alcohol, a watermelon aqua fresca is your go-to watermelon refresher.

Level out the tartness from the fresh lime juice by adding liquid honey. Yum!

Find out how to make this watermelon aqua fresca recipe.

Watermelon Margarita
What’s a list of top watermelon recipes without including a margarita?

Find out how to make this watermelon margarita recipe.

Watermelon Screwdriver Cocktail
Serving brunch? Put a twist on your typical screwdriver with this watermelon screwdriver cocktail recipe.

Find out how to make this watermelon screwdriver cocktail recipe.

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